Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Where To Be Seen This Week

There are protests/demonstrations across the country this week. In England, Scotland and Wales.


Wed 14th Dec - Kings Cross Station - 6:45 am - NG Baileys - Start at Kings Cross and maybe we might pop round to see a client or two - Facebook

Thur 15th Dec - ACAS London Office - 10am - HVCA have contacted ACAS to get Unite around the table. Unite have pretty much said that there is nothing to discuss until Unites terms have been met. This is a formality and a great chance to have a go at the HVAC executives. Rumours are circulating that Blane Judd will be there himself. Bernard McAuley, Gail Cartmail and Rab Sherry will be there for Unite.
Acas National (Head Office), Euston Tower, 286 Euston Road, London NW1 3JJ.

Just in case you need a reason to get wound up and pop along to see the HVCA bosses. Watch this video
Friday 16th Dec - Kings Cross Station - 6:00pm - NG Bailey - Start at Kings Cross to hit the night shift then a Rank and File Christmas drink up at the Big Chill House round the corner


Wed 14th Dec - Llandough Hospital - 7:00am - Spie Matthew Hall   Facebook


Wed 14th Dec - Manchester Town Hall - 6:45am - NG Baileys  Facebook


Wed 14th Dec - John Moore University - 6:30am - Spie Matthew Hall   Facebook


Wed 14th Dec - Longannet Power Station and Markfitch Biomass plant - 6:30am FacebookLongannett FacebookMarkfitch

Sat 17th Dec - BBC HQ, Glasgow, Southside - 10am - Rally and Demo Facebook

North East

Sat 17th Dec - Heerema -  10am - March and protest - Meet at Abbey Street entrance to Heerema Facebook 


The M&E workers under the NAECI agreement are walking out tomorrow over constant pushing back of pay talks. The JIB and NAECI agreements are intertwined so both disputes are linked. If the JIB falls then NAECI will be next. The NAECI workers have realised this, hence the support they have been showing by walking off sites across the country to defend the JIB. 
Tomorrow they are walking out for themselves and we will be supporting them. Notably in Scotland where the recent protests are splitting in two to offer support to NAECI workers at Longannet and Markfitch.

The confirmed NAECI sites walking out tomorrow are:

Runcorn tps
Ineos teeside
West burton
Nippon hull
Vivergo hull
Northwich gas storage
Octel ellesmere port
ineos runcorn
cats teeside
basaf teeside

Good Luck to all.

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  1. The prick in the video, I'd love to exercise my right to tell him face to face what I think of his statement. If the Besna proposals are as good as they keep saying, why issue a statement like that. Think we're fucking stupid? Maybe, but we're also determined, and so are more and more people each week across the country that are uniting against the rogue companies. The clients are wising up too, they can see that you are all about greed, and to hell with the health and safety of the lads on site. You've opened a can of rank and file worms that are going to defeat besna, and then some. I for one will be wanting more than just what I'm getting now. Victory against bbes and the other 6 dwarfs, come on 2012........