Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Week Just Gone and The Week Coming

The Balfour Beatty ballot result was announced this week. There was an overwhelming 81.6% vote in favour of strike action. Cheers went up across the country. BUT then Balfour Beatty took the result to court and highlighted some flaws in the result.
There were roughly around 70 people who either received papers who shouldn't have or didn't receive them at all. Add this number to the 80 wretches that voted no then you still get an overwhelming percentage in favour for strike action.
I cant help but think that Unite should have got this organised two months ago so that everything was in place sooner.
The NEW Ballot starts on the 20th December and closes on the 6th January. Balfour Beatty are one of the companies and strong rumours are circulating that Spie Matthew Hall and NG Bailey will also be balloted this time round.

The date of the first official walk out was going to be Wednesday 7th December. Nothing has changed. We cant let these bastards think that they have got one over on us. We need to be on the gates of EVERY Balfour Beatty site up and down the UK on the 7th. I will be at Blackfriars and I will be there all day. This needs to be the biggest day yet. EVERY spark, fitter and plumber across the country needs to come out and get on the gate.

Locations so far picked out for Wed 7th December

London - Blackfriars Station - 6:30am - Facebook - Mr Marmite, Bob Crow (RMT) will be in attendance

Liverpool - St Catherines General Hospital - Birkenhead - 6:30am - Facebook

Manchester - Town Hall - 6:30am - Facebook

Hartlepool - Hereema Site - 6:30am - Facebook

Glasgow - Balfour Beatty Head Office - 6:30am - Facebook

Immingham - Conoco Phillips Site - 6:30am - Facebook

There are also dozens of sites walking out across England, Scotland and Wales.

The week just gone saw several meetings and protests take place.

There were around 200 of us at Blackfrairs on Wednesday morning. The police were already there in force awaiting our arrival. There was speeches and plenty of leaflets handed out. Around 8:30 just over 100 left Blackfrairs and took part in flying pickets in support of the Public sector workers out on November 30th

There were 200 out in force on the streets of Glasgow. They started off at a Balfour Beatty site but it soon became apparent that they had shut the site for the day. So they made their way round to a nearby NG Bailey site and found that someone had left the gate open. Chanting the whole way, "you can stuff your fucking BESNA up your arse". When they arrived, oops. On marched 200 M&E workers who then occupied the site for over an hour until the police arrived and escorted them off in small groups.

A video of the events in Glasgow by "Union News"

There was notable action in the North East where 150 marched through the streets of Hartlepool and marched onto a nearby site of Balfour Beatty. Also there was protests in Manchester and Liverpool.

On Saturday we had a meeting in Central London at the Russell Hotel, Russell Square. The reason for the ballot fail was explained. We were joined up Dean Mighell of the Australian Electricians Trade Union. He had some good words of advice to take forward. There was also a few groups offering solidarity and help.

From the meeting over £300 was raised towards the RnF fund.

Tomorrow is a day we need to fight back. Join together across the country. Good Luck

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