Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pitfalls of being Employed By IIS compliant Agencies at Heathrow Airport.

The Pitfalls of being Employed By IIS compliant Agencies at Heathrow Airport

By a Used & Abused Tradesman

I have worked at Heathrow Airport on and off for the past eight years. Over the past four years it has been stipulated that all Trades operative employed under 'Heathrow Capital Projects' are to be directly employed under their industrial agreement, thus banning all self employment.

 The notion and principle of this agreement means that all employed should be able to afford full employment rights and agreed rates of pay under their national agreement. 

 Since this rule was brought in by H.A.L.( Heathrow Airport Limited) an abundance of I.I.S. agencies have
 gained airside clearance and are supplying labour to J.I.B. companies which by far make up the majority or the workforce on most projects. These individuals are directly employed under the auspices of the J.I.B. agreement which should afford those employees the same rights as those whom are directly employed by J.I.B. companies.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Frank Morris for EC

The Rank & File back Frank Morris for EC
In the summer, John Sheridan resigned from his position on the Unite Executive Committee due to ill health. We would like wish John all the best for the future and thank him for all of his support.

This has therefore triggered a By-Election and one of our very own, Frank Morris, has decided that he would like to stand for the position.
He has received the FULL backing of the Rank & File and also the United Left.

It is vitally important that ALL Unite members get to their next branch meeting to vote for Frank and make sure that there is proper Rank and File representation on Unites top table.
 Frank is a Blacklisted Electrician and you may recognise him from the Crossrail Dispute.

Nominations Period                                                                            20th October - 24th November
Last date for receipt of Nominations                                                Noon 28th November
Last date for Acceptance and Receipt of Election Address            Noon 3rd December
Voting Period                                                                                       5th January - Noon 30th January
Count Verification                                                                               PM 30th January

JIB/SJIB wage rise accepted

JIB/SJIB Wage Rise Accepted

The count of the  consultative ballot for the JIB/SJIB wage rise was held on Friday (17th Oct). The results were as follows

Accept - 79.1% 
Reject  - 20.6% 
Spolit   -   0.3%

A huge swing in the opposite direction after the 91% rejection for the previous offer, which had the 'Entrant Grade' attached.

This is a disappointing result to many as we feel that a far greater increase could have been gained with the right leadership.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Umbrella Companies in Construction

Use of Umbrella Companies 
in Construction
Written by DangerMouse

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, you will know all too well about the new scourge in our industry, that is the use of umbrella companies by the majority of employment
agencies since April 6th this year.

This has come about due to the government making changes to the tax system in this years Finance Bill to try and eradicate the practise of 'false self employment' by agencies abusing the CIS system (that was designed only for genuinely self-employed people) and to try and bring workers back into direct employment, with the better terms and conditions and security that go with it.

It was, on the surface, what looked like a noble effort that would put an end to the 'hire and fire' mentality that the our greedy masters have enjoyed for years, not to mention the extra (estimated) half a billion pounds the Inland Revenue loses each year in unpaid employers National Insurance that the firms directors have been bankrolling their latest yachts with. It sounded like a win-win situation, so what went wrong?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blacklist Support Group Update

Blacklist Support Group Update
7th October 2014

1. Another death in the building industry
Our thoughts are with the family of yet another construction worker killed at work as the carnage in the industry continues. This time on a Laing O'Rourke site in Heathrow. 

2. Protest at High Court
Blacklist campaigners were outside the High Court on 26th September 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

National Construction Rank & File Meeting - Newcastle


Construction Rank & File Meeting

Construction workers from across the UK will be making their way to the Newcastle, as the National Rank & File meeting arrives in the North East for the first time.

Come and have your say and find out what is happening in OUR industry. Including the JIB pay negotiations, blacklisting and the Umbrella pay Scam.

Saturday 15th November 2014

Newcastle Labour Club
11 Leazes Park Road,

1PM - 4PM

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

We Are the 91%

We are the 91%

Back in July, the ECA/SELECT made their 'Final Offer' to Unite for the JIB wage increase for 2015 & 2016. The increase on offer was 2% for 2015 and 3% for 2016 but with a catch. The 'Entrant Grade'

Fully explained in these two previous posts:

Employers continue their de-skilling agenda!

Calling ALL JIB Electricians

This led to consultative ballot and was rejected by a convincing 91%.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

NRL Continue the Blacklist?

NRL Continue the Blacklist?

A number of weeks ago Alan Wainright, the whistleblower who exposed the Consulting Association construction blacklist, published an article on his blog relating to employment agencies involvement in blacklisting. We are all suspicious about the underhanded tactics of agencies with blacklisting and the Umbrella Scam, but this article does appear to have evidence that NRL were complicit in blacklisting workers, including respected rank & file leader electrician Steve Acheson.
  It is time to expose these parasite agencies and all that they are up to, by undermining our ability to make a decent living through the "Umbrella Scam" and preventing us from making a living at all through blacklisting! If you have ever worked through NRL then this is a must read.

Please read and share this far and wide!


Friday, 26 September 2014

How much is a pay rise worth?

How much is a pay rise worth?

This article started life as a bit of a joke with a good rank and file activist. We were talking about the appalling pay offer from the ECA to the JIB, and how much wages have gone down in the industry over the last couple of years. When he said, half jokingly, that the general rule of thumb was that you used to be paid about 5 pints an hour, then he asked me how much a pint was in London. Now obviously the cost of a pint varies from about £3.50 in Wetherspoons, to £5 if you want to drink somewhere nice that doesn’t smell like sick (if the companies do ever want to measure our wages by pints, they will probably pick the 25p a can Tesco value lager). But even at Wetherspoons rates we’re not getting our 5 pints an hour. What it did get me wondering though is how much exactly our wages have lagged behind the cost of living, so I decided to do a little research.

The first thing I had to decide was when to start the comparison from, I decided to start it from the 2010 pay rise, because that is when wages really started to stagnate as we subsequently never received a pay rise for 3 years.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

An Informed View

An Informed View

Just to set the record straight around the below article from the employers mouthpiece Construction Enquirer, there was no agreement on this deal.

The negotiating team only agreed to bring the offer back to the shop stewards committee for their thoughts and opinions on what was on the table. This is the way our union operates now with full transparency and full lay member involvement. It's not back in the days where sweetheart deals were struck between bent union officials and the employers! The unanimous feeling from the committee was that this was another attempt at de-skilling the industry. What we want is direct employment for those currently working in the industry whom at the moment are forced into working through parasite agencies and dodgy payroll and umbrella companies. 

This is down the employers continuous breach of rule 17 of the JIB rule book on the use of agency labour which is supposed to be used as a top up to direct labour and should never outnumber those directly employed by a company, but as we know there are construction jobs up and down the country where agency labour is on from day one and is the norm, where it should be that direct employment is the norm and agency labour is used to a minimum. We need all guys forced to work for agencies through no fault of their own, taken onto direct employment and the people who can deliver this are the employers! Instead of bringing in new people industry directly employed, how about directly employing the skilled people currently working in the industry? A list of the reasons for rejection are set out in the supplementary letter that was sent out with the ballot papers.

We want proper apprenticeships for school leavers and young people, especially when youth unemployment is at an all time high. If there are issues with government funding for apprenticeships, then the employers should be working with Unite and the rank & file to pressure the UK governments into making funding available for proper skilled construction apprenticeships.

Quite clearly the employers are worried about unrest across their sites, but they have a long way to go to win the trust of a workforce that is constantly undervalued, was attacked through BESNA and has been blacklisted for decades! Time for them to cut the crap and take us seriously, and if it takes industrial action, official or unofficial and civil disobedience to once again make them understand? Then so be it!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Unrest builds as Ballot papers land

Unrest builds as ballot papers land

Unrest is starting to creep in on construction sites, as ballot papers start landing on the doormats of thousands of Electricians across the UK.

There has been a blatant attempt by the ECA to de-skill the electrical industry and finally rid itself of what little skilled workforce it still has. We are getting used to hearing the headlines of 'Skills Shortages in Construction', so the obviously answer to the ECA is to de-skill the industry even further. 
Forget about proper apprenticeships for school leavers and training up the next generation of Electricians. Forget about direct employment and making the industry attractive to young people. 
The ECA want to do away with all of that and fill the Electrical Industry with part qualified labourers.

This has really hit a nerve on sites across the UK and talk of unofficial wildcat strikes has been mentioned on several major projects including refineries, power stations, Crossrail to name a few. Unite are working hard in the background updating members details and planning for full industrial action. The construction Rank & File have actions and plans in place ready to go.

Are the ECA really this stupid? Wildcat strikes, 
official action and Rank & File action?

When you ballot paper arrives tick the right box


These are the reasons for rejection given by the Unite committee that originally rejected the offer.

The committee is made up of Electricians from all corners of the UK

There are only two criteria for receiving a ballot paper

1. Hold a current JIB card
2. Be a member of Unite the Union

If you can say yes to both of the above and do not receive a ballot paper by Friday 11th July then please phone Bernard McAulays office 01132 364830 and request one is sent out ASAP

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Calling ALL JIB Electricians

Calling ALL JIB Electricians

If you hold a JIB card and are a Union member then next week a very important letter will be

falling on your doormat and it’s imperative that you take the time to read, understand and return it immediately.

The ECA have made their final offer for the 2015/2016 JIB wage negotiations and the Unions lay activists and representatives met on 4th June in Leeds to hear and discuss it. It was heavily rejected by the group, but as it was the final offer, a decision has been made by Unite to send it out to the membership in the form of a consultative ballot. 

The ballot is open to ALL JIB card holders. It does not matter if you are direct, agency, self employed or even left the industry. YOUR opinion is wanted and it is vitally important we knock back this fresh attack on OUR trade

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Blacklist Support Group Update - June

Blacklist Support Group Update - June
1. George Tapp - NOT GUILTY VERDICT 

Michael Collins the driver who drove through a blacklisting protest outside the Manchester City Training ground fracturing both knee caps of ex-Salford Labour councillor George Tapp has been found not guilty in Manchester Crown Court 

2. High Court halts firms insulting compensation scheme

The firms insulting compensation scheme that would see the vast majority of blacklisted workers

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Employers continue their de-skilling agenda!

Employers Continue Their De-skilling Agenda!

By A.N. Gryspark

So it's 2/3 years since the employers charter, BESNA was thrown our way, and was successfully stopped from coming into existence(although we all know it goes on). However, we are not naive enough to think that the employers would give up with their agenda of de-skilling the industry, are we? Of course not, and as expected it has arrived at our door once again through the JIB agreement! 

The deal on offer from the ECA is quite clear on what it is about, accept a 2%(30p) rise for 2015, a 3%(45p) rise for 2016 but you must agree to the introduction of 2 new "Entrant Grades" as they are calling them.

So what are these "Entrant Grades"?

Friday, 30 May 2014

First round of Umbrella Scam protests

First Round of Umbrella Scam Protests

In recent weeks there has been unrest on several large projects across the UK. The reason for the unrest is the use of large scale, long term use of agency labour and the Umbrella Scam.

Sparks were sacked at the Balfour Beatty Crossrail site at Whitechapel for refusing to be paid through the Umbrella Scam. Unite got them reinstated.
Workers cabined up at Manchester City's training Ground, Balfour Beatty again with BAM as the main contractor.
Workers cabined up at Cramlington Hospital, Newcastle. Due to being forced onto the Umbrella scam, once again another Balfour Beatty project.
There was severe unrest at a site in Swansea at Morriston Hospital, yet again another Balfour Beatty site.

There is a reoccurring theme with all of the above. Balfour Beatty.

Police called as blacklist workers occupy head office of employment agency

 Police called as blacklist workers occupy head office of employment agency

Police were called to the UK head office of the Danish owned employment agency Atlanco Rimec today (Friday 23rd may 2014) when it was occupied by campaigners from the Blacklist Support Group and members of the UCATT and UNITE trade unions. The employment agency that operates in the UK and Ireland construction industry is centre of a storm after it was exposed on Danish TV that it kept a secret blacklist of workers who joined a union and denied them work. The revelations were made by an ex-manager of the firm in a documentary broadcast on the DR1 TV channel last week.

The Labour MP Ian Davidson, who chaired the parliamentary Select Committee investigation into blacklisting issued a statement saying:  “What we have seen shows clearly that the use of agency workers is a weak spot in eradicating blacklisting and we therefore recommended that direct employment and transparent recruitment practices should be standard for all public-sector contracts in the construction industry,” 

Among the blacklist protesters was Northampton grandfather and blacklisted bricklayer Brian Higgins

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Branch meeting held outside due to CIS tax changes

Branch Meeting held outside due to CIS tax changes

London Construction Branch (follow on twitter - @Unite0555) held their monthly meeting last week as they do every month at Conway Hall. But this month was slightly different. The meeting had to be held in the park outside as Conway Hall wasn't big enough to hold everyone. This itself shows the level of anger running through sites across the London and the whole UK. 

There was alot of anger over the fact that Umbrella companies are even legal, let alone the fact that companies signed up to National Agreements have the front to push workers on to them. NG Baileys have been the first to take workers on the cards after workers at Three Bridges Station and Tottenham Court Road Crossrail Station forced their hand. Since the action by the two sites, Baileys have offered others the chance to also go on the cards.

What happened at Three Bridges is here in an earlier post 

The main conversation was the tax changes hitting the industry. For years we have been forced to work as Self Employed,

Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Site Worker Magazine

New Site Worker Magazine 

The new Site Worker magazine is out now.
To get hard copies for your site please email your address and amount of copies required to

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Agency Electricians Stage Walk Out

Electricians Stage Walk Out at 
Three Bridges Station

On Friday 4th April, 30+ Agency Electricians walked off of the job at Three Bridges Station, Crawley, Sussex, because of the new Umbrella tax system. The Client is Network Rail, the Main Contractor is Volker Fitzpatrick and the M&E Contractor is NG Bailey.

There had been unrest and grumblings all week as it was becoming clearer as to the extent that the average construction worker will lose out by being forced into moving onto the Umbrella tax scam through an agency. On Wednesday, Mechanical and Electrical workers walked off at AWE Aldermaston and this provided the impetus for yesterdays action.

Two members of the South East Construction Branch (twitter - @unitesec ) met the workers before they went on to site to give them the facts of what the new schemes and systems mean in real terms. 
Once everyone had got on site, the workers then called a meeting, they had a discussion, had a show of hands and walked off the job. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Fight For PAYE

 The Fight For PAYE

As a JIB approved electrician, like many in the construction industry have found it impossible to get a job on the cards for the last ten to fifteen years. Instead, I have gone around working for various agencies or CIS self employed direct for various contractors.

Agencies and self employment has lead without doubt to a race to the bottom when it comes to workers terms and conditions. Instead of agency labour being bought in to cover short term demand for extra manpower, it has become the main form of employment throughout the industry. This has weakened on site union organisation, bypassed employment laws so that companies can blacklist anyone they deem a “troublemaker” and seen pay frozen if not fall over the last decade.

 In 1999 I was earning £125 a day in London as a spark. Now, fifteen years later, I’m earning £140 a day while seeing everything else triple in price and the cost of housing becoming so high that even barristers are being priced out of the city. Without doubt it is far better financially if you are lucky enough to be directly employed for a company, this was shown excellently in an earlier blog post (Are we better off on the cards or CIS). Not to mention having the ability to organise on site to improve wages and condition and not having to worry about the dreaded tap on the shoulder on a Friday afternoon telling you you’re not needed any more.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

John Sheridan for Construction EC Seat

Unite the Union EC Construction Seat

To Unite members, you may or may not be aware, but sometime this week you will receive a ballot paper to vote for who you would like to represent us in Construction on the Executive Council. 

The Construction Rank & File recommends and fully supports JOHN SHERIDAN for that seat

Ballot papers should be hitting your doormats this week. Previously there have been two seats for Construction. Now we are down to just one. One seat for two candidates.
Do not delay, as soon as it arrives, tick the boxes and send it back. 

The Rank & File Supports and Recommends John Sheridan 

Blacklist Support Group Update

Blacklist Support Group update 
23rd March 2014

*1. High Court claim*
The original date for the next hearing in the Blacklisting High Court claim has been postponed. It was originally due to take place on 28th April but due to the unexpected retirement of the judge hearing the case, this has now been put back. More details when we get them. BSG urge everyone with a blacklist file to sign up to the High Court claim.

*2. Public Inquiry announced*
The Home Secretary, Theresa May has announced a public inquiry into undercover police

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Are we better off on the cards or CIS?

Are we better off on the Cards or CIS?

I am writing from my own experience of both sides of the coin. This is my own view and others will differ, but hopefully this will go some way in dispelling the myths on sites up and down the country that you are better off being CIS.

I spent five years on the cards with Crown House Technologies, was made redundant in 2009 and subsequently spent the next five years bouncing from job to job either through agencies, subbing direct or on the odd occasion, sat on my arse at home looking for work. I have just completed my first month back on the cards.

There is the common mis-conception that you are better off being CIS rather than cards in. Yes it is true that CIS workers pay less NI and tax each week but

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Blacklist Support Group Update - March

Blacklist Support Group update

12th March 2014

1. Mick Abbott R.I.P.

John McDonnell MP on Mick Abbott R.I.P.  "Mick Abbott was a shining example of what trade unionism is all about - solidarity, dedication to the wellbeing of others and a selfless commitment to a just and fair society. Over the years he was a stalwart campaigner who will be greatly missed but his contribution will always be remembered".

Obituary of the blacklisted scaffolder and Shrewsbury campaigner in the Independent

Monday, 10 March 2014

Construction Safety Campaign Press Release

“No return to the killing fields on London’s construction sites” demand the 
Construction Safety Campaign (CSC)

Following the death’s of two construction workers and the very lucky escape from death of one other, all within six day’s in London last week Peter Farrell, Chair of the Construction Safety Campaign, said: "There must be no return to the killing fields of old on London’s construction sites. We demand urgent action by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) telling all construction employers they will not tolerate any increase in construction worker deaths.

There must also be more HSE construction inspectors working pro-actively to prevent any increase in deaths in the construction industry.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The true cost of an Industrial Accident

The true cost of an Industrial Accident

On the 1st of February the National Rank & File meeting was held in Glasgow. One of the guest speakers was Louise Taggart from the Scottish Hazards and F.A.C.K (Families Against Corporate Killers) campaigns who gave a really moving health & safety presentation around fatalities in the workplace. She spoke in detail about her own personal experience of when her brother who was an electrician was electrocuted and killed at his work and how it affected her family. I don’t think that there was anyone in the room, full of tough construction workers, that wasn’t moved by Louise’s experience. This has inspired me to write this article about my own experience of a fatal industrial accident and how it has affected me and my family for almost 30 years.

Kenneth Hume
My story starts way back on the 5th July 1984, a really hot summer’s day, but a day which was to become one that would haunt my family forever. Kenneth Hume, my dad, was an electrician who worked for S.S.E.B (Scottish Power). He served his time with them and was an experienced 29 year old operative. I vaguely remember him being on call or standby a lot of the time and having to go out through the night to deal with faults and issues throughout the area, but on this particular day he was carrying out maintenance at Gartcosh Substation in Lanarkshire which was around 3 miles or so from where we lived. My dad took the opportunity, as he was working so close to home, to come home and have lunch at my gran’s and spend some time with myself and my brother Scott.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rank & File, Rent-a-Mob or a breath of fresh air?

Rank and File – Rent-a-Mob or a breath of fresh air?


 From the "Unite Scottish Rank & File Blog"

There are those within Unite the Union who view the rank and file as upstarts, a renegade group led by former EPIU members, who can be wheeled out in times of industrial strife at sites up and down the country, but ‘we’ don’t really want much to do with them.

It’s true that the rank and file are involved in disputes within the construction industry. It grew out of the Besna dispute
where we led the fightback against the rogue employer threatening to tear up our national agreements. Our ability to call for unofficial action was not only crucial and effective, it was also seen as an asset for this type of campaign, and we were also involved in the implementation of the leverage strategy that led to an outstanding victory. We were held up as heroes of the labour movement and our views were sought in various platforms up and down the country.

Monday, 24 February 2014

VVB Kicked off Crossrail Job

VVB kicked off of Paddington Crossrail 
job for refusing to join JIB

On the 1st February VVB were removed from the Crossrail Project at Paddington Station for refusing to engage workers on the cards on JIB terms and conditions.

There were several incidents before Christmas which had kept the London Unite officers extremely busy. During this period of unrest, the workers formed a Shop and elected a Shop Steward. VVB refused to acknowledge them and denied them their rights as Trade Union members.

Blacklist Support Group Update

Blacklist Support Group Update - 5th Anniversary of ICO Raid

23rd February was the 5th anniversary of the ICO raid that discovered the illegal Consulting Association blacklist. Despite masses of documentary evidence not one of the company directors responsible for this human right scandal has been disciplined by their employer or suffered any legal penalty.

Blacklist Support Group commemorated the 5th anniversary by the following actions:

1. Attempted citizens arrest on Cullum McAlpine 
First ever chairman of the Consulting Association at the Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd London offices which were the venue for the first Consulting Association meetings.

Arrest Warrant Served on Callum McAlpine

Police attend Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd offices as arrest warrant is served on Cullum McAlpine for blacklisting crimes
Metropolitan Police officers attended the London offices of Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd (Fri 21st Feb 2014) as an arrest warrant was served for Cullum McAlpine for his role in the Consulting Association scandal. This weekend if the 5th anniversary of the raid by the Information Commissioner's Office that discovered the illegal building industry blacklist.

The arrest warrant cited breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Health & Safety at Work Act and the Data Protection Act. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Anti-Union Laing O'Rourke Forced into Hinkley Agreement

It has been revealed this week, that the anti-union, anti-workers rights,anti-workers safety and MAJOR construction Blacklister, Laing O'Rourke, were threatened by EDF to have their Hinkley Point contract ripped up, if they did not sign up to the site agreements. 
They had been standing strong and resisting signing up to the ground-breaking EDF/Union agreements but when EDF threatened to remove them from the project they succumbed and signed up.
All over the country Laing O'Rourke are currently blocking Union access to its sites, ignoring democratically elected Shop Stewards & Safety Reps and treating site Health & Safety with total disregard.

Laing O'Rourkes Mechanical & Electrical arm, Crown House Technologies have been told by EDF that they will not be allowed on Hinkley Point due to their behaviour in recent years with regards to BESNA and their resignation from the JIB.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Site Worker Magazine

The January 2014 edition of Site Worker Magazine is OUT NOW

To receive hard copies for your site please email Site Worker:-

Friday, 24 January 2014

Blacklist Support Group Update

Blacklist Support Group  

Update 24th January 2014


1. Scottish Affairs Select Committee
The Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation into blacklisting is continuing with UCATT, GMB & UNITE giving evidence this week. A second Interim Report is expected to be published in March. Phil Whitehurt of the GMB and Steve Murphy both called for blacklisting to be made a criminal offence with prison sentences. Bernard McAulay attacked Crown House for their continued anti-union attitude.

2. Blacklist Compensation Scheme latest
At present there is no offer by the companies but the blacklisting firms have requested a meeting in February to discuss a possible compensation scheme. The Blacklist Support Group and Guney Clark & Ryan solicitors for the High Court claim will be at the meeting,

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Blacklisting case highlights dangerous loophole

Blacklisting case highlights dangerous loophole

From Hazards Blacklist Blog

A High Court judge had accepted a UCATT safety rep blacklisted for his safety activities was treated unjustly, but has no legal redress because he was an agency employee.
Dave Smith, a founder member of the Blacklist Support Group, was repeatedly dismissed and refused work after his name appeared on The Consulting Association (TCA) blacklist. A large file held by the organisation itemises concerns raised by the safety rep about asbestos, poor toilet facilities and contaminated waste on London and Essex building sites controlled by Carillion companies.
The original employment tribunal case rejected his claim because he was an agency worker and not directly employed by Carillion. This was upheld by an Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

National Rank and File Meeting

National Rank & File Construction Workers Meeting  
Saturday 1st February
Jurys Inn,
80 Jamaica Street,
G1 4QG

1pm Start Time

Speakers Include:
Jackson Cullinane - Political Officer, Unite
Dave Smith - Blacklist Support Group
Louise Taggart - Hazard, Scotland


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Blacklist Support Group

January Newsletter

A few bits and pieces for early January:

1. Blacklist Compensation Scheme

We advise any blacklisted workers to have nothing to do with the employers blacklist compensation scheme - even if you are only interested in financial compensation, the final offer will be considerably better than the human rights abusing companies are offering at the moment.