Monday, 24 February 2014

Blacklist Support Group Update

Blacklist Support Group Update - 5th Anniversary of ICO Raid

23rd February was the 5th anniversary of the ICO raid that discovered the illegal Consulting Association blacklist. Despite masses of documentary evidence not one of the company directors responsible for this human right scandal has been disciplined by their employer or suffered any legal penalty.

Blacklist Support Group commemorated the 5th anniversary by the following actions:

1. Attempted citizens arrest on Cullum McAlpine 
First ever chairman of the Consulting Association at the Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd London offices which were the venue for the first Consulting Association meetings.

Full report with video, photos by Reel News - please circulate the video to all your contacts 

If you like the video & pix - please get your union branch to subscribe to Reel News 

2. Families Against Blacklisting
Joanne Fowler, wife of blacklisted electrician & safety rep Lee Fowler, has set up a group for partners of blacklisted workers to shared their experiences. Families Against Blacklisting

Joanne Fowler said:
"The men are mates and they all talk to each other and support each other but who supports the wives and the kids? Don’t the wives have rights? Don't the kids have rights?
The kids are being told, no you can’t have them trainers because daddy’s not working. Who supports them women that are running the home, working three jobs and still looking after the kids?
So lets set up something for the wives and the kids and all be part of it together.
I can’t imagine as a mother standing at the school gates as our kids are going in, talking about this sort of thing. That’s why we need a group for women – so we can talk to each other about how we feel because it must be bloody hard. I haven’t suffered that much but its hard enough but there must be women out there who are at their wits end and need somebody to talk to who understands how they feel." 

3. Blacklist Support Group Rally in Liverpool
Liverpool blacklisted workers commemorated the 5th anniversary with a Rally at the UNITE union office with a well attended rally. Over 70 people turned up to hear:
Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson explain plans to have blacklisting firms removed from public contracts and issues surrounding Alder Hey and the new Royal Liverpool Hospital. 
Steve Acheson, BSG chair and Roy Bentham - BSG exec gave reports on the ongoing fight against blacklisting. 
Sheila Coleman, Hillsborough Justice Campaign talking on police collusion.
David Whyte of Liverpool University will speak on the academic research into Blacklisting and the implications for safety on sites.

Liverpool Echo and Radio Merseyside also gave the campaign some welcome publicity
Well done Terry Brough and Roy Bentham for making the media take notice

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