Tuesday, 25 March 2014

John Sheridan for Construction EC Seat

Unite the Union EC Construction Seat

To Unite members, you may or may not be aware, but sometime this week you will receive a ballot paper to vote for who you would like to represent us in Construction on the Executive Council. 

The Construction Rank & File recommends and fully supports JOHN SHERIDAN for that seat

Ballot papers should be hitting your doormats this week. Previously there have been two seats for Construction. Now we are down to just one. One seat for two candidates.
Do not delay, as soon as it arrives, tick the boxes and send it back. 

The Rank & File Supports and Recommends John Sheridan 

Blacklist Support Group Update

Blacklist Support Group update 
23rd March 2014

*1. High Court claim*
The original date for the next hearing in the Blacklisting High Court claim has been postponed. It was originally due to take place on 28th April but due to the unexpected retirement of the judge hearing the case, this has now been put back. More details when we get them. BSG urge everyone with a blacklist file to sign up to the High Court claim.

*2. Public Inquiry announced*
The Home Secretary, Theresa May has announced a public inquiry into undercover police

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Are we better off on the cards or CIS?

Are we better off on the Cards or CIS?

I am writing from my own experience of both sides of the coin. This is my own view and others will differ, but hopefully this will go some way in dispelling the myths on sites up and down the country that you are better off being CIS.

I spent five years on the cards with Crown House Technologies, was made redundant in 2009 and subsequently spent the next five years bouncing from job to job either through agencies, subbing direct or on the odd occasion, sat on my arse at home looking for work. I have just completed my first month back on the cards.

There is the common mis-conception that you are better off being CIS rather than cards in. Yes it is true that CIS workers pay less NI and tax each week but

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Blacklist Support Group Update - March

Blacklist Support Group update

12th March 2014

1. Mick Abbott R.I.P.

John McDonnell MP on Mick Abbott R.I.P.  "Mick Abbott was a shining example of what trade unionism is all about - solidarity, dedication to the wellbeing of others and a selfless commitment to a just and fair society. Over the years he was a stalwart campaigner who will be greatly missed but his contribution will always be remembered".

Obituary of the blacklisted scaffolder and Shrewsbury campaigner in the Independent

Monday, 10 March 2014

Construction Safety Campaign Press Release

“No return to the killing fields on London’s construction sites” demand the 
Construction Safety Campaign (CSC)

Following the death’s of two construction workers and the very lucky escape from death of one other, all within six day’s in London last week Peter Farrell, Chair of the Construction Safety Campaign, said: "There must be no return to the killing fields of old on London’s construction sites. We demand urgent action by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) telling all construction employers they will not tolerate any increase in construction worker deaths.

There must also be more HSE construction inspectors working pro-actively to prevent any increase in deaths in the construction industry.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The true cost of an Industrial Accident

The true cost of an Industrial Accident

On the 1st of February the National Rank & File meeting was held in Glasgow. One of the guest speakers was Louise Taggart from the Scottish Hazards and F.A.C.K (Families Against Corporate Killers) campaigns who gave a really moving health & safety presentation around fatalities in the workplace. She spoke in detail about her own personal experience of when her brother who was an electrician was electrocuted and killed at his work and how it affected her family. I don’t think that there was anyone in the room, full of tough construction workers, that wasn’t moved by Louise’s experience. This has inspired me to write this article about my own experience of a fatal industrial accident and how it has affected me and my family for almost 30 years.

Kenneth Hume
My story starts way back on the 5th July 1984, a really hot summer’s day, but a day which was to become one that would haunt my family forever. Kenneth Hume, my dad, was an electrician who worked for S.S.E.B (Scottish Power). He served his time with them and was an experienced 29 year old operative. I vaguely remember him being on call or standby a lot of the time and having to go out through the night to deal with faults and issues throughout the area, but on this particular day he was carrying out maintenance at Gartcosh Substation in Lanarkshire which was around 3 miles or so from where we lived. My dad took the opportunity, as he was working so close to home, to come home and have lunch at my gran’s and spend some time with myself and my brother Scott.