Tuesday, 25 March 2014

John Sheridan for Construction EC Seat

Unite the Union EC Construction Seat

To Unite members, you may or may not be aware, but sometime this week you will receive a ballot paper to vote for who you would like to represent us in Construction on the Executive Council. 

The Construction Rank & File recommends and fully supports JOHN SHERIDAN for that seat

Ballot papers should be hitting your doormats this week. Previously there have been two seats for Construction. Now we are down to just one. One seat for two candidates.
Do not delay, as soon as it arrives, tick the boxes and send it back. 

The Rank & File Supports and Recommends John Sheridan 

John played a significant role in the BESNA dispute, pulling together the Rank and File and the Official side of the union, and securing the support of the General Secretary, resulting in a victory for construction workers.
John has campaigned alongside the Blacklisting Support Group, again pulling together the Rank and file of the industry and the Official side of the union with involvement from General Secretary Len McCluskey and Assistant General Secretary Gail Cartmail.
More recently John has been involved with the Crossrail Leverage Campaign, which was highly successful in winning the reinstatement of Frank Morris. 
This is not the end of the campaign, John has secured financial and human resources to ensure we get this project organised and unionised.
 John stands for: -
  • Direct Employment and Registration for all Building Workers
  • Occupational Pension Rights for all
  • Improved Health and Safety conditions on all sites
  • Legislation to jail negligent bosses for corporate killing /manslaughter
  • Quality training & Proper Apprenticeships to create employment and resolve Skill Shortages
  • To expose all efforts by bosses to “Blacklist” union members and seek the introduction of retrospective legislation
  • Eradication of low wages and poor, difficult working arrangements
  • To support demands for a modern travel and mileage agreement, to replace the current inadequate arrangements
  • To work with the Union and the Government to prevent employers employing and exploiting cheap foreign labour to undermine construction national collective agreements
To actively lobby the UK and Irish Governments as well as European institutions to ensure that the Posted Workers Directive is enforced
"Ballot papers are being sent out to members eligible to vote during week commencing 24 March 2014.

Members who have not received a ballot paper by Monday 14 April 2014 should contact the ballot enquiry service on 0800 783 3856.

The ballot closes at noon on 23 April 2014. All ballot papers must be returned to the Independent Scrutineer by that time and date. A pre-paid envelope is enclosed with the ballot paper for this purpose."

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