Thursday, 1 August 2013

National Rank & File Meeting

National Rank & File Construction Workers Meeting  
10th August
Conway Hall 
Red  Lion square 
We have come a long way in the past three years, with full UK wide organisation and forcing the 8 biggest M&E contractors in the UK to kick BESNA into touch. 
We are now into the Crossrail dispute and looking to push this industry forward.
First we need to get the agency parasites off of Crossrail then follow that up and rid the whole M&E industry of them. 
We want the correct rate for the job with proper overtime rates after 37.5 as stated in the 
National Agreements.
At  Crossrails peak, there will be the need for over 4000 sparks and 1000 fitters. This peak will
last for just over two years.
The choice is yours, continue getting ripped off or demand what we are entitled to
Come to the National Rank & File meeting and get involved.
 There will be a Crossrail leverage update from Gail Cartmel Unite assistant general secretary.
Election of National Committee and social after.
Please do your best to attend please pass on email to fellow M&E workers.
Be part of the Solution

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Unite The Union is calling YOU to an EMERGENCY Rank and File meeting to discuss the Crossrail project. We are demanding an agreement and fairness for our members.

In attendance will be the Unites Assistant General Secretary and the Director of Organising and Leverage. The labour forecasts for the Crossrail M&E installation are 4000 electricians and 1500 fitters at a peak which will last 2 years. We are in the middle of the worst recession ever and in 3 years time we will still be in it. This project and the employment standards it achieves will affect us all we need to make sure its set up properly. For the past 3 years Unite The Union has repeatedly asked Crossrail for an agreement on the project.

It is now becoming clear what Crossrails agenda is

What Crossrail want: No Agreement on the project. Agency labour, casual workforce, easy to hire and fire workers paid below JIB rates. Blacklisting of union reps from the project. BESNA 2 to be rolled out with Crown House

What Unite The Union Want: Agreement for the project. NO Agencys, proper Direct employment, no hire and fire, J.I.B. terms and conditions plus enhanced rates for the project. Elected Shop stewards and Safety Reps. No blacklisting. Proper apprenticeships. NO BESNA 2. Respect for its members

Over the last few years we have been treated very badly by the employers. If we don't stand together and demand fairness we will allow the employers to rip us all off again. This project is too big to allow the same mistakes as before, we want what we are entitled.

This is an emergency meeting please do your best to come and email,text and pass on details to colleagues etc 
Monday 25th March
Conway Hall, Holburn, London

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Site Worker - Spring 2013

The New SITE WORKER Magazine is OUT NOW

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