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Site Worker - Spring 2013

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Saturday 23rd March - Blacklist Support Group AGM - 10:30am-4:00pm
 Faraday House, 48-51 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AE. 
  All welcome.
The Blacklist Support Group’s annual general meeting, which will take place in London on 23 March, will be the “largest meeting of
blacklisted workers ever assembled in one place.” The group says attendees will “discuss the ongoing campaign against the illegal
construction industry blacklist in the courts, in parliament, with the unions and on sites.” Speakers include general secretaries
Len McCluskey of Unite, Paul Kenny of GMB and Steve Murphy of UCATT. Also addressing the event will be labour rights expert
Professor Keith Ewing and leading employment rights lawyer John Hendy QC.

Monday 25th March - Rank & File Construction Meeting - 6:30pm    
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holburn, London, WC14 4RL

Since Crossrail sacked 28 workers for being in a union, the project has had a daily picket at Westbourne Park and has seen a number
of successful flash mobs causing major disruption. Crossrail are also currently being taken to an employment tribunal for blacklisting
by the Unite rep who was dismissed, and Unite are backing a leverage style campaign. This is the biggest infrastructure project in
Europe with huge profits to be made, and Crossrail are determined to stop workers from organising at all costs. A lot of the
contractors and HR managers in charge are known to have been involved in the consulting association blacklist that ruined people’s
lives for bringing up health and safety issues, and more and more anecdotal evidence is coming out that this is still going on. With
rumours of BESNA Mark II on the cards this very important meeting has been called to discuss what’s happening in our industry,
how we can organise Crossrail and how we finally defeat blacklisting for good. If we let Crossrail slip through our fingers like we
did the Olympic project, then our industry will be in this state for years, this is our golden opportunity to see the changes we want!

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