Monday, 7 July 2014

Unrest builds as Ballot papers land

Unrest builds as ballot papers land

Unrest is starting to creep in on construction sites, as ballot papers start landing on the doormats of thousands of Electricians across the UK.

There has been a blatant attempt by the ECA to de-skill the electrical industry and finally rid itself of what little skilled workforce it still has. We are getting used to hearing the headlines of 'Skills Shortages in Construction', so the obviously answer to the ECA is to de-skill the industry even further. 
Forget about proper apprenticeships for school leavers and training up the next generation of Electricians. Forget about direct employment and making the industry attractive to young people. 
The ECA want to do away with all of that and fill the Electrical Industry with part qualified labourers.

This has really hit a nerve on sites across the UK and talk of unofficial wildcat strikes has been mentioned on several major projects including refineries, power stations, Crossrail to name a few. Unite are working hard in the background updating members details and planning for full industrial action. The construction Rank & File have actions and plans in place ready to go.

Are the ECA really this stupid? Wildcat strikes, 
official action and Rank & File action?

When you ballot paper arrives tick the right box


These are the reasons for rejection given by the Unite committee that originally rejected the offer.

The committee is made up of Electricians from all corners of the UK

There are only two criteria for receiving a ballot paper

1. Hold a current JIB card
2. Be a member of Unite the Union

If you can say yes to both of the above and do not receive a ballot paper by Friday 11th July then please phone Bernard McAulays office 01132 364830 and request one is sent out ASAP

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