Friday, 30 May 2014

First round of Umbrella Scam protests

First Round of Umbrella Scam Protests

In recent weeks there has been unrest on several large projects across the UK. The reason for the unrest is the use of large scale, long term use of agency labour and the Umbrella Scam.

Sparks were sacked at the Balfour Beatty Crossrail site at Whitechapel for refusing to be paid through the Umbrella Scam. Unite got them reinstated.
Workers cabined up at Manchester City's training Ground, Balfour Beatty again with BAM as the main contractor.
Workers cabined up at Cramlington Hospital, Newcastle. Due to being forced onto the Umbrella scam, once again another Balfour Beatty project.
There was severe unrest at a site in Swansea at Morriston Hospital, yet again another Balfour Beatty site.

There is a reoccurring theme with all of the above. Balfour Beatty.

On each site, the workforce got together and raised their concerns with Balfour Beatty management. Each and every time they were met with a complete lack of interest and full resistance. Not even an offer to help. So the workforce was backed into a corner and forced, in their own ways to take their own action. Whether that be cabining up or walking off.

Friday 23rd May was the first of the nationwide Umbrella scam protests by the Construction Rank & File workers. It was called at the recent National Rank & File meeting held in Liverpool, 10th May.
ALL of the above mentioned sites became targets. 

London - 7:30am - Whitechapel Crossrail site - Balfour Beatty

Around 70 construction workers gathered at the Balfour Beatty, Whitechapel Crossrail Site. Another great video capturing the events by Reel News 


North East - 6:50am - Cramlington Hospital - Balfour Beatty

Around 70 Construction workers gathered outside Cramlington Hospital and caused chaos all day. Blocking roads, refusing to let deliveries onto site. The police were called but as it was a peaceful legal protest there was nothing they could do.

North West - 7:00am - Man City Training Ground - Balfour Beatty

Manchester & Liverpool construction branches came together and had a good turn out with some very positive feedback from the workers on site. Unite are visiting this week to take it further


Wales - 7:00am - Morriston Hospital, Swansea - Balfour Beatty
Quote from the South Wales Construction Branch
"Swansea Morriston Hospital, Balfour Beatty, 2 Police, 5 Activists, 1 Meeting, 30 Sparks Walk Off, Big Success!! 23rd May 2014.
It aint the Quantity, Its the QUALITY"

Unite have been on site this week and it looks like there is some positive news coming out of the talks.

Leeds - 7:00am - Leeds MET University - BAM site

There was a strong presence from the Leeds Rank & File and BAM have kicked up an almighty stink about us being outside. The workers on site were glad of the support and Unite have also visited the site this week. 

More protests are planned. Keep an eye on here and Facebook for more details

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