Sunday, 4 December 2011

Latest Rank And File Newsletter.....

Well there’s a surprise, they threaten and we back off! ‘What a load of old Ballots’

We got the ballot result 81.6% in favour of strike action on BBES magnificent!
Then shamefully Unite when they were ‘threatened’ with an injunction, bottled it and have decided to re-ballot.

The new result won’t be announced until 6th January 2012.
It was said not all BBES workers were not balloted believed to be 100 or so even if these people vote it wouldn’t have changed the result.

There was also talk of going to ACAS we ain’t even had a strike yet for f*******k sake!
The Rank and File have told Unite what they think of that by carrying on regardless and called for a day of action on all BBES sites Wednesday 7th December.

In Glasgow yesterday Rank and File sparks invaded an NG Bailey site, nice one!!

Also in Scotland at a Rank and File meeting it was agreed following a vote to walk out on 5 BBES sites.

At the London Rank and File meeting on Saturday £311.17 was collected for siteworker and it was agreed to have mass protest at Blackfriars Wednesday 7th December, so spread the word and do your stuff lads.

Some stuff that we know of ‘action and meetings’ ...............
Hartlepool: Monday the 5th December 7 pm planning meeting in the Bell Vue Club to discuss national walkout of BBES sites.
Hartlepool: Wed 7th Dec 6:30 am Heerema, Vic Dock, Northgate. Followed by a march to Greenland Road entrance.

     Liverpool: Wed 7th Dec 6.30am Demo at St Cath’s Hospital Laurel Road CH42 0JA
     Liverpool: Thurs 8th Dec 7.30pm Rank and File meeting, Friends Meeting House.
It’s time for action and time we did what the TUC advocated, ‘Civil disobedience’ before our agreement gets torn up in front of our very eyes.
We cannot let this happen it’s not on! We are calling on other unions to help in our struggle as well as occupy movement and students anyone fancy getting up a tower crane or chaining themselves to site gates.
The fight goes on it seems the only way to win this dispute is mass walkouts with solidarity action across the UK..............................I guess we all knew that anyway!
For details of demos protests and meeting near you please visit...............
We need more meetings everywhere. Get in touch and we will help


  1. What's the point of having a union that shits itself when someone says boo! This changes nothing! It's the rank and file that'll win this battle. Down to Blackfriars on Wednesday 7th, not to stand around chatting, but to let BBES know we ain't fucking about! Then let's hit the offices of all these rogue scum companies, Grattes was the start, let's visit them all, see if any of them have the balls to talk to us, the people they're fucking over.
    Well done to the Scottish sparks for showing 'no goods' they're up for the fight.
    Spread the word.....

  2. Macauley is a gobshite who looses nothing whatever the result.These union so called "leaders" are only after knighthoods as usual cos they are all part of the establishment.Stop selling men down the river and get a conscience and you will not sleep well for the rest of your of your lives with a troubled mind.Just another bunch of greedy selfish men.We will all face our maker when we die, and we will be on the gate waiting for you in our thousands. Choose whose side your on BROTHER.

  3. Clients next. If they know their jobs are going to be disrupted, maybe they'll use a decent firm (is there one?) BBES, Clarkes and the rest of the scum can go to hell, and we'll help them get there. Solidarity, come on sparks, show some cahunas and join us on the gate at Blackfriars on Wednesday.