Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Round Up Of Last Weeks Action

Over the last week we have seen protests, pickets, occupations and blatant lies.

Wednesday morning started off with a protests outside the NG Baileys site, Kings Cross Station, London. There were over 100 there for the cold December morning. Around 7:30 it was decided to go round to the Network Rail Head Office. So off we marched. As we approached some more police appeared and blocked the way. One person was thrown to the floor as he tried to walk in to the office. The point of going to Network Rail was to let them know what the companies who are currently completing their projects are doing to their workforce.

In South Wales they returned to the Spie Matthew Hall site, Llandough Hospital. There were around 40 in attendance and over 20 Spie M&E workers left the site and joined the protest. According to one of the M&E workers who attended "the message is beginning to get across to them "

On Tuesday, the cable linking the back up generator to Llandough Hospital was stolen by metal thieves. This wasn't noticed until Wednesday and Spie Matthew Hall publicly stated that it was down to the protesters (which included many of their own employees) sabotaging the site. This horrendous LIE and was soon deleted off of their twitter account a couple of hours later. Feel free to let SPIE know how you feel about these lies @SPIEUKBESNA

Liverpool returned to the Spie Matthew Hall site at the John Moore University . Over 40 in attendance with all the M&E workers joining the the protest and blocking the gates.

On Wednesday there was also a walkout by over 16 NAECI sites over a never materialising, promised pay rise. There were two sites in Scotland that were not joining the walk out. So the Scottish RnF decided to go to protest outside these sites. Returning the solidarity shown to us over the last few months.  There was over 50 at Markinch Bio Plant and just over the same number at Long Gannet.

"Just back from Long Gannet Power Station. Turned a good few cars and lorries away in Solidarity and I fully expect meetings to be taking place in there with stewards and conveners to wobble today.
There was a couple guys who ignored us and drove on. But the traffic queue that was caused by us being there was unbelievable "

Photographer Duncan Brown was at Long Gannet Power Station and has put up a good selection of photos from the morning
Long Gannet - Duncan Brown

A report from the  walkout at Conoco Phillips Humber Refinery, Immingham
"About 100 electricians from West Burton power station and BP Saltend, on strike against the NAECI employers pay freeze, converged on ConocoPhilips Humber Refinery in Immingham at 6-30am. This site has been targeted by the sparks because Balfour's employ the electricians on that job. Last Wednesday it was not clear how many Conoco sparks had not gone in/ walked out, but today, after being addressed by picketing Unite stewards in a car park meeting, 100, maybe more, electricians, scaffolders and laggers joined the strike and swelled the protest lines.

Pickets expressed disappointment that no trade union full time officials were present, wariness about Thursday's ACAS talks (Nigel and Robbo said "there's nothing to negotiate about, we're not signing up to BESNA"), and a feeling that further action should be more than one day.

Stewards from Hull Unite No1 branch, Ian Bell and Paul Tattersfield then addressed over 200  strikers. Ian said that this was just the start of the action which would have to be stepped up in January, and Paul explained the consequences if all construction workers don't stand up to the bosses - "they want to take us back to the Victorian times."

With a feeling of "Job Done" for today, the protest dispersed - "See you next time!" "
On Friday the London RnF met for their Christmas drink. But they couldn't meet up in Central London without one last protest before Christmas. So they met at Kings Cross station at 6pm. After a short time they marched round to the Network Rail office again. This time without the police protection on the doors. They entered the Network Rail office and refused to leave until they got to speak to somebody about their projects. After an hour and eventually being outnumbered by Police they left and retreated to the Big Chill House for the  Christmas Drink.
Saturday saw the turn of the Scots to turn occupiers. They turned up en masse at the BBCs Glasgow office. They chose this location due to media blackout of out dispute. Even though it has seen thousands of M&E workers protesting across the country EVERY Wednesday for the last 18 weeks. They were inside for around an hour. Unfortunately no one from the BBC would come and talk to them about the blackout.

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