Saturday, 10 December 2011

Report From Todays Scottish RnF/Unite Meeting

A message from a Scottish Electrician who was at the Rnf/Unite meeting in Glasgow today. It was attended by Gail Cartmail (Unite Assistant General Secretary) and Bernard McAuley (National Construction Officer)

"That was a brilliant meeting today up at the thistle hotel in Glasgow. Gail Cartmail spoke very well and to be fair Bernard McAulay was very informative. I wanted to get into him about what he said about "the cancerous splinter groups" but what would it have achieved, plus he's probably been fucked with it a good few times now anyways.

It wasn't the same madness as last weeks demo which was just unbelievable to have been a part of and Wednesday just walking right into
Bovis Lend Lease main site office and taking over showed them that WE run these jobs and NOT THEM!

But today was tactical.
Grangemouth are out on Wednesday it's to do with NAECI, but we are picketing Long Gannet power station which is 2 miles up the road .

there is going to be a demo/picket at a big job up in Markinch in Fife.

So we could possibly have 3 jobs totally on their arse up here.

Now if word starts getting round, via text Facebook etc email other sites might start wobbling.

I thought Wednesday was amazing because when the chips started going down, news would come through that lads at
Heerema in Hartlepool were running amok or the fact that there was 500 at Blackfriars and it just lifted you to get on that front line and go for it!

At least people are waking up to this scenario we are in the trenches but I'd far rather be in them than not!!!

Proud to be a spark!!



  1. Keep up the struggle people, there are a lot of us watching this unfold across the world, it is absolutely unbelievable that duly qualified and registered tradespeople can be de skilled at the stroke of a pen, you let yourself down badly when you allowed the government to open the flood gates to allow non nationals in to do your work ten years ago, this is just the next step so you are fighting for your very existence, best of luck, because you cannot afford to lose,,,,,

  2. is it wise for these people who call us cancerous to attend our meetings i.e.there is a massive trust issue/ what are their motives/objectives, are they the same as the rank and file. You do not feel like you can be open in your views or opinions in their presence.They name names.

  3. i recenty retired as a sparky,as a apprentice in 1959 , i remember going on strike action in the name of fairness, no so to day brothers, if you fall down now , you will never get up , so keep at it, and do not give in. (yours 51 years in the electrical contruction industry)