Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Blacklist Video/Documentary by Reel News - MUST SEE

The same firms who are de-skilling our industry and cutting our wages are also blacklisting innocent people. If you have heard sparks complaining about the blacklist on demo's and didn't know what they were talking about - watch this youtube video and all will be revealed - if you've never seen it before, it is truly shocking. As it stands I am not blacklisted but I do personally know a couple of people who are. It is a shocking practise and needs to be eradicated.

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  1. The working class, which is the overwhelming majority, the largest social class, under modern capitalist society, has an objective material interest in overthrowing this rotten, decaying and moribund social system. Our historic task of overthrowing capitalism is foreshadowed in our life situation that we experience on a day to day basis under the whole top-down, highly centralized organization of capitalist society, in both good and bad times, that is, economic upswings and downturns. The working class will be compelled to destroy capitalism at some point in the future, even though currently many within the working class do not see revolution as their aim. It is only within and through organization, more specifically, a workers party that is based on the unions, that we can overthrow capitalism root and branch.