Saturday, 17 December 2011

Occupying The Clients

Early yesterday evening, Friday 16th, over 30 M&E workers occupied the head office of Network Rail in London.
The purpose was to educate Network Rail as to what the rogue seven companies are doing to their workers and the fact that unskilled labour will be doing the work of skilled labour on their jobs across the UK. Therefore increasing the risk of poor and unsafe work on train stations across the UK and putting their customers, the general public, lives at risk.

THIS morning, Saturday 17th,  Scotland M&E workers are currently occupying the Glasgow BBC office. Police are on the scene but have informed them that as they have broken no laws, all they can do is advise that they leave.
They are at the BBC office to highlight the national media blackout on our struggle. For the last 16 weeks there have been protests across the whole of the UK and not one single mention by the BBC.

Spread the word. Spread the action.


  1. Well done lads, can't wait for the New Year and the chance to educate more of the clients that are using the scum rogue firms. Also well done to the lads in Scotland for bringing our plight to the door of the BBC. What I want to know is why the media have pretty much ignored a campaign that has been running as long as ours? I must be really naive or something, but a 4 month+ protest must be worth a couple of minutes on one of the news channels. Have a great Christmas lads, and lets get nasty in the New Year, these fucking wank cunt firms that are trying to ruin my life are going to see a lot more of me. Solidarity

  2. yes wednesdays protest at conoco against balfour beatty was also totally ignored i get the feeling the local press might have been 'leaned' on, or am i being paranoid?yes bring on the new year ramp it up,but lets all have a good crimbo first.

  3. To all.
    Good job so far.. but not enough..
    Be practical. Move away from defensive issues (wages, conditions and pay)
    This action must be flanked by boarder-line legal occupation of counter information centres.
    Attrition is no good they win. You want to be heard? Be effective, criticise and be political!

    Hit and run!
    Where is Labour?
    Where is Unite's big guns?
    Where is the TUC?
    If you got to go you better go big style and not humiliated by months of suffering and feelings of failure!!!!
    Go for the weakest link: No violence, occupy the BBC and newspapers! Get Boris! get Livingstone! Get coverage!
    "Who have to pay for this. They have!"
    "Less profits more investments, more fucking money!!"