Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tomorrow's Protests and the 9th November

In 9 hours time we will be standing in the cold outside jobs in Newcastle, Manchester/Liverpool, Glasgow and London.

London is back at Blackfriars Station to pay Balfour Beatty another visit. Get there early as there are some new tactics planned. Facebook

Glasgow are back at the Govan Shipyard after it was called off two weeks ago. Facebook

Newcastle will be going to Ashington High School Facebook

And the Manchester/Liverpool contingent will be heading to the Carrington Paper Mill. Rumours are already circulating that men are not going to be crossing the picket again AND that the cable pullers have gone home tonight to avoid any trouble tomorrow. Facebook

Message From Site Worker Magazine and Eddie Current 

sparks, brickies, chippies, plumbers, scaffolders, H&V, groundworkers, spreads, labourers
LONDON rank & file sparks
The big electrical firms want to cut our wages by 35% - We are going to fight this all the way
We intend to shut down big building sites in London on 9th November - come and join us
UNITE are booking coaches from around the country - lets make sure we get thousands
(contact local UNITE office for coach details)
If you are on an organised job - discuss it and get the whole job to down tools for the day (UNITE will pay for coaches to London)
If you're not on an organised job - discuss it and get your workmates to have the day off and come down and enjoy the action
Win or Lose - this dispute will impact on all trades - with any luck UCATT and GMB will support the Day of Action
In addition, the Students have got a demo on the same day - you might be able to jump into one of their coaches.
Flyer is below
Eddie Current
Sparks Rank & File

 Print this leaflet off and put it up on a site near you. SPREAD THE WORD

 Shop Stewards Elected
The lads on T. Clarkes today voted in FOUR new shop stewards and it is looking like one more will be announced tomorrow. This is the way forward. WE NEED ORGANISATION on site. This will only come with Elected Shop Stewards. The backing of your colleagues can take you far. 
Take note you lot working for Crown House, Balfours, Shepherds, Grattes, Baileys, Spie Matthew Hall. You need to get Shop Stewards elected and get organised NOW. Dont leave it too late.

 Hello To One and ALL
 Also a quick hello to anyone having a quick read of the blog. I today looked at the stats of people browsing the blog today.
A nice warm welcome to the Northumbria Police, Edinburgh University, FOUR members of Parliament, Unite the Union, MTV and Crossrail. But I must save a very special and very WARM welcome to Balfour *cough scum cough* Beatty and Tommy *cough scum cough* Clarkes who between them viewed this blog 42 times today. I know its good but come on, I dont update it that often.

Spread the word and keep the faith


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  1. They's a running scared now. Shove it up em lads.
    The man in the street has had enuff of the greedy 1% that give nothing back to the working man, just carry on shafting him for all he's worth. This is capitalism gone mad, I'm no communist but this is just pure greed.