Saturday, 29 October 2011

MORE Balfour Propaganda............

Dont Beleive The Hype, You Can Say That Again

The Balfour Beatty propaganda machine is in full flow. Churning out crap leaflet after crap leaflet. I have once again been sent copies of leaflets given out to Balfour card labour.
As you can see, what a load of crap. The final image speaks for the lot and shows exactly what the card labour think of BESNA and all the shit associated with it.
They for some strange reason even title their own leaflet with rather ironically, a 'Public Enemy' song title and secondly, title their own leaflet with Dont Believe The Hype. Back to the drawing board on that one I think. 

What the Balfour Card Labour think of the leaflet

A poster for you to print off and stick up on your site or even a site near you. Get them about


  1. Balfours have told us previously in a BESNA briefing, that they intend to price new work (eg:the 8 new build nuclear power stations) using the new agreement ,a clear contradiction to the above statement that NAECI sites will not be affected

  2. The rumour doing the rounds is that Balfours are joint bidding with Baileys for the Eight new stations.

    Blue book will be no more within 5 years if this goes through. FACT