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Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates over the weekend. I have been on this laptop every evening for the last 8 weeks now so needed a couple of nights off. Full updates and reports now resuming.

Following on from where we left off we arrive at Friday 7th October.

There are traffic reports saying that there is traffic backing up on the M1? Whats that all about? The sparks strike again. With nearly 200 outside the site gates and blocking the road the tail back went on for two miles all the way back and then on to the M1. Every car was stopped and leafleted. Some lads from West Burton came over and even some laggers and scaffolders stayed out in solidarity. Great to see other trades recognising the struggle and helping out.

Later on in the evening up in the cold highlands, there was a storm a brewing. The SELECT Electrotechnical Awards, which it turned out Crown House were one of the main winners.
Around 200 people gathered outside the event being held in Glasgow’s Radisson SAS Hotel. Unite the Union refused to attend the event due to the current attack on the National Agreements. Instead they opted to stay outside and protest against the 7 scumbags. 

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 More pictures can be seen at Duncan Browns FlickR page

This evening at the Belle Vue Social Club, Hartlepool, there was a Rank and File meeting called. Bernard McAuley, National Officer for Construction, was in attendance. I was not there myself but have been given the details of what happened.
Bernard answered questions like a true politician, with no answers. He gave the impression that he didn't want to ballot at all. Due to the last 30 years of Union bashing laws it is incredibly hard to get a legal ballot sorted. Due to the law only the workers of the seven companies will be balloted. And that's about it really. The lads had loads of questions and ideas, but everything had a legal reason why it couldn't go ahead.

This only leaves us one choice really. Firstly when the lads are given a date to strike, every site is out. Agency, card labour or your own subby firm. One Out, All Out.
We need to pick up the intensity. Protests are fine and nice. But nice protests are not going to get anyone anywhere. We need full scale pickets, shutting down jobs. This needs to escalate and it needs to escalate fast. The momentum is picking up. Big sites are being earmarked for the big off and it is down to us. The Union can only back us a certain part of the way due to poxy laws. You have only got to look at the recent News release on the Unite website to see how ridiculous it all is.
At the bottom it has a disclaimer  "This is not a call for unofficial strike action by Unite. It is Unite’s understanding that those involved in the demonstrations are doing so outside of work hours to avoid any suggestion that this is unofficial strike action."

There are rumours circulating every day now. Balfours have lost the Heathrow job, Baileys have lost a job up north. Good. Fuck 'em. They will only start to take note of what they are doing when they start losing money themselves. They don't give a shit that some poor spark is getting shafted. They don't realise what they have started here.
This is to become a war and come December Blane Judd, Mr O'Rourke and Mr Bailey will be sat there being addressed by Mr Balfour:
"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

Lets fucking ave it

So its down to us to save our jobs, our industry, our trades. Spread the word. Get more people out. Get involved

Dates For The Diary

Tuesday 12th October
London - Rank and File Meeting - Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holburn 6:30pm - Unite will be in attendance LINK

Wednesday 13th October 
London - Protest - 7:00am - Tate Modern - T.Clarkes - Summer Street SE1. Bankside, nearest tube Southwark on the Jubilee line. LINK

North West- Protest -  6:30am - Carrington Paper Mill - Balfour - Joint protest by Liverpool and Manchester Rank and File LINK

Newcastle - Protest - Walkergate Health Centre - 6:30amBenfield Road
Directly outside Walkergate metro station about 1/4 of a mile past the main Walkergate Hospital LINK

Thursday 14th October
Sellafield Power Station - Protest - 6:00am - Balfour + Crown House - Meet at 5:45 in the Yottenfews car park and then a march down the road to Sellafield Main Gate. LINK

Friday 15th October
???Sussex???    TBA

Blacklist Support Group AGM: Sat 29th Oct 11am - 3pm Nunn Hall, Institute of Education, Euston, London. Premier of new film by Reel News about the campaign against the blacklist. Blacklist Support Group www.hazards.org/blacklistblog

Keep The Faith

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