Monday, 17 October 2011

Latest Unite Construction Rank And File Newsletter........

The "Unite Construction Rank And File Group" are the group headed by the committee that was elected at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London on the 13th August 2011. Working together with the Site Worker magazine. To receive these weekly news updates directly to your email follow the LINK and join the group.

Breaking news.....................Are we about to ballot?

[Hopefully] A major development in our dispute. Word is Bernard McAulay is going to announce the balloting of BBES sites on Tuesday [20th] at the Unite officers meeting in Leeds. Possibly 3 or maybe 5 BBES sites, we are not sure which ones.
Although this would be a very good development, the Rank and File must not take our eye of the ball or let up in any way.

Rumour has it that Unite could ask us to suspend the demo’s during the ballot, but this would be a massive mistake. We cannot and will not be calling off any protests.  Actually rather than call off protests we need to ramp it up, and target all Balfour sites across the country, big and small, they seem to have most of the work at the moment.
In London we are getting a team of people together to leaflet as many sites as we can in between protests to make everyone aware of ‘what’s going on with deskilling’ informing other trades as well. Please do the same in your areas.
If you need help producing leaflets let us know we can get help doing them, also contact Unite for leaflets, if they won’t supply them do your own. A simple A5 leaflet will suffice.
NGB have suddenly said they are up for taking things further by announcing consultation meetings with their workers and the threat of the sack if you don’t sign by end of November. This came out yesterday, they quickly denied it but we think on this occasion ‘there’s no smoke without fire’!
We are going well and pushing Unite towards a ballot keep, up the [pressure] good work everyone and don’t take our foot of the peddle.
Remember BBES are leading the assault on our agreement, lets respond accordingly, let’s take them. Give it to them with both barrels. It was they that declared war and sadly  there will be casualties.
Support the protests, try and get big turn out’s, ask for support from other unions trades, other trade unionists even your mates in the pub and relatives.........If we win everyone gains!
Come rain come shine.............Never cross a picket line.

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