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Latest Unite Construction Rank And File Newsletter........

The "Unite Construction Rank And File Group" are the group headed by the committee that was elected at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London on the 13th August 2011. Working together with the Site Worker magazine. To receive these weekly news updates directly to your email follow the LINK and join the group.

Let’s show the Tate Modern the ‘Art of Civil disobedience’!

Seven weeks of fantastic rank and file protests has seen off one of the big 8 [MJN Colston]. At rank and file meetings committees have been elected in London, Manchester and the North East. And this weeks target sites have been chosen

But, with the D day approaching, December 7th new contact signing deadline, and the ballot still nowhere to be seen [email Mr McAulay demanding a ballot date]. We need to be ‘upping the ante’ , walk-outs, occupations, demo’s and ‘protest picket lines’ stopping the job where ever and when ever possible.

Concentrating on the weakest links seems the right tactic Tommy Clarkes, SPIE Matthew Hall and Grattes. If we are also in the faces of the clients, who are getting increasingly jarred off with the protests, they can make life hard for the rougue 7.

Ultimately to stand any chance of beating this attack on the JIB we need to be building for an all trades all out a national strike of construction workers on November 30th the day that 2 million public sector workers taking strike action to defend their pensions.

Since the last update there have been numerous demos and walkouts. Sorry if we missed yours out, it’s not deliberate].

Newcastle at Balfours regional HQ. 2 demos in Manchester. In Liverpool sparks refused to cross the ‘protest picket line’ at the Shepards site, central Library. In Nottingham on Friday there was a walk out at Ratcliffe power station. In Scotland at Cambuslang on Balfours lads walked off site with 150 outside the gate, where members of the fire brigades union came over with tea and biscuits, a nice touch eh! ‘Solidari- tea’!!

In Glasgow a protest at the apprentice of the year awards 

While In London, despite the efforts of Scotland Yard to ban us over 250 sparks and supporters were outside the T Clarke site and closed Oxford Street! Click on the video to see for yourself, please forward on to inspire people to come to a protest near them!

Future meetings and demos we have to be at…………..

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bernard McAuley Unite national construction officer will be attending the meeting in London this week get there and make your prencenc felt and your feelings known!

London: Tues 11th Oct 6.30pm Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holburn.
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Rank and file demo’s [That we know about]

London: Wed 12th Oct 7amTate Modern, Summer Street SE1. Bankside, nearest tube Southwark on the Jubilee line. Facebook page

Newecastle: Wed 12th Oct 6:30 am Walkergate Medical, Centre, Benfield road, directly outside Walkergate metro station about 1/4 of a mile past the main Walkergate Hospital, on Benfield Road.
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Glasgow Govan shipyard: Wednesday 12th October 07.00am - Assemble at the middle Gate. Govan Shipyard - Govan Road.
See this page for more details Facebook page

Manchester: Wednesday 12th October 6.30 Carrington Paper Mill, Trafford.
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Sellafield Power Station Thursday 13th October 6am til 9am meeting at Yottenfews car park at 5:45 am marching down the main road to Sellafield main gate. Balfours and Crownhouse.
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Email us with ideas and any actions planned

Blacklist Support Group AGM: Sat 29th Oct 11am - 3pm Nunn Hall, Institute of Education, Euston, London
Premier of new film by Reel News about the campaign against the blacklist. Blacklist Support Group

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