Monday, 13 February 2012

Our Support Is Growing - US Teamsters

Last week the US Teamsters Union sent a letter to Balfour Beatty. The support for our campaign is growing across the country and across the WHOLE WORLD.

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  1. BESNA: a statement from the chief executive

    Yesterday, the following statement was issued jointly by HVCA and Unite the Union.

    “In consultation with the remaining companies and following discussions with Unite, it has been agreed that HVCA will withdraw its proposal for the Building Engineering Services National Agreement (BESNA).

    As a result of today’s decision by HVCA, Unite has agreed not to pursue further industrial action or protests against the BESNA companies.

    HVCA, supported by its member companies, will now engage in high-level talks with Unite within an agreed timeline, with the aim of creating new proposals and ensuring agreed terms are honoured.”

    Despite the best efforts of the Association and the significant progress that has been made in recent months, all seven companies who instigated the development of the BESNA have now withdrawn from the initiative.

    However, I can assure the membership at large that, over the next few months, the HVCA will be continuing to work towards the modernisation of the sector’s terms and conditions of employment in such a way as to incorporate a number of the principles contained in the BESNA, especially those relating to welfare benefits, training and apprenticeships.

    BESNA has been one of the best catalysts for change, and we have to capitalise on that and use it as an opportunity to embrace the future.

    Blane Judd, Chief Executive

    i think he thinks they won