Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Latest Unite Press Release

Workers begin rolling programme of demonstrations at refineries  and power stations across the UK 
Construction workers will start a rolling programme of demonstrations  beginning at the Conoco Philips refinery tomorrow (Wednesday,15 February) in protest against moves by seven major construction employers to cut pay by up to 35 per cent and deskill their workforces.

Construction workers will also be demonstrating outside the Electrical Contractors Association's (ECA) annual dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London at 6pm on 15 February.

Workers are angry at plans by Balfour Beatty and another six breakaway construction companies for imposing semi-skilled grades in the mechanical and electrical sector. This move will decimate the sector, leading to skilled workers being forced to work on semi-skilled grades and losing a third of their pay.

The so-called Building Engineering Services National Agreement' (BESNA) is the name given to the set of proposed contractual changes.

Unite's national officer, Bernard McAulay said:
"Our members are rightly angry. They are having their pay slashed, they are being de-skilled and their industry is being casualised.
 "Unite is determined to defend its members against this attack. The workers will escalate their rolling programme of protests against these seven rogue employers which are de-skilling their workforces and cutting their pay by up to 35%.
 "We will not stop until the employers have returned to the negotiating table for a constructive dialogue. We want discussions with all stakeholders in the industry. 
Unite supports modernisation and improving the industry, but this is a power grab, with the workers taking all the pain."

This is not a call for unofficial strike action by Unite. It is Unite’s understanding that those involved in the demonstrations are doing so outside of work hours to avoid any suggestion that this is unofficial strike action.

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