Monday, 13 February 2012

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Question “What happens when the Anti Union Laws aren’t repealed” Answer below.

Unite sparks on BBES voted for strike action [AGAIN] last week, with 66% in favour of
strike [295 votes for / 145 votes against].

And 70% [313 votes for / 131 against] voted in favour of action short of a strike.

So are we on strike then or what....................? Not exactly............................!

BBES ignored the result [AGAIN] and went running to the High Court [AGAIN] to prevent
the strike going ahead, saying “not everyone was balloted”. And Unite? Well they said
they would not even announce a strike date until after that date..............Umm, good move,
Umm, not really.
Ok but then what..........................?

A Barrister, ‘John Hendy’ QC represented Unite at the High Court on Thursday 2nd
February but there was no result forthcoming and the case was adjourned until Monday 6th
February, with the decision the next day, Tuesday 7th February. Are you still following this?

Still no strike or even a date for the strike.............So what happened next.................?

The High Court judge said he could not give his decision until the following week, Monday
13th or Tuesday 14th [Valentines day, ah, nice touch!].

So what then.....................?

If we get the decision on the 13th/14th, and the judge rules in our favour we still have to
give BBES 7 days notice [by [anti union] law]. So earliest start of any strike action would
be the 21st February.

However, If the decision doesn’t go our way, Unite say they will........Ignore the decision?
[We wish! No, Unite say they will ballot again.

We have to prepare for action and continue the campaign whatever happens.

A meeting was held in London this Monday and a ‘Strike Committee’ of 6 was elected from
Balfour Beatty stewards, and it was agreed that as and when the official strike does begin,
that there would be a programme of rolling/alternate strike action weeks.

Meaning out for a week, and then back in for a week [with an overtime ban]. Then out for a
week and back in for a week, and so on.

Protests and Demo’s must and will continue....................

Rank and File Committee members met with Unite on Wednesday evening and it was
agreed to continue with the protests.

On Wednesday 15th February mass protests at the following sites......
Sellafield, Grangemouth, Ratcliffe and Concoco

The objective to be to shut these sites down for the day, or longer if we can.

Note, Unite have agreed to lay on coaches to get people to these sites, contact Regional Offices. Importantly, if you get no joy immediately contact Unite [appointed official] Sharon
Graham [organising team] 07976 844228 email

And as if that were not enough. In London also on the 15th February there will be a lobby
at ECA/BESNA dinner and dance at Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, nearest tube Marble
Arch get there for 5.30pm Dress code ‘casual chic’ [and maybe hard hats].

And the moral of this story? Next time Labour are in power. We don’t let them off the hook.

We make sure they repeal the Anti Union laws or we don’t give em £10’s millions!

Until then the fight goes on:

For more debate and discussion on the dispute........visit

Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/

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