Sunday, 25 September 2011

Well That Weekend Went A Lot Better Than Expected.............

Firstly there was the meeting in Glasgow at the Unite Office, John Smith House. Being in London and getting ready for a day at the football, I couldn't make it. But by all accounts it was a very, very positive meeting. There were so many more people in attendance than expected, that there wasn't even standing room available, people had to stand in the corridor to try and catch some of the meeting. Estimates put nearly 200 people there. During the meeting it was agreed that there will be alot more protests coming up in the area and Unite gave their 100% backing to every protest that is planned. The general message to come from the meeting was "Spread the word boys and get all sparks to join up!!!". They also elected two lay members to go to the Shop Stewards meeting in Leeds. I will post up the date of this meeting when I am made aware of it.

The second bit of good news was that electricians and fitters working for MJN Colston received a rather nice letter on Saturday morning.

What a nice letter to wake up to. Many, many MJN employees had a collective sigh of relief. So that officially states that MJN Colston are staying with the JIB. HURRAH, I hear the MJN lads shout. Well yes it is good news, it is fantastic news in fact. But this is still just the start. As all MJN employees will no longer be protesting against their employers this is a massive advantage. You can openly attend protests in your area without having to look over your back or be concerned about the consequences. So this is our time to step up, No Excuses For ALL MJN employees anymore .
No offense to MJN, I have done well by them for nearly ten years. But they are not Balfour Beatty. Everyone knows that they are at the head of this, closely followed by the little o'rish fella in O'Rourke tower. As soon as one of these pull the plug, that is when we can celebrate. 
This campaign is still small. There are still way too many people standing there thinking either that it wont affect them or they are willing to leave the fight to others. I personally have the phone numbers of over 40 sparks in my phone, I have only seen 6 of them at the London protests and half of them scuttle off before eight to go to work. This isnt good enough. Things improved in London this week. There was 300 of us there. It got a bit exciting. But we need at least double that there. The size of London and the surrounding areas is hugh. The amount of sites in the capital alone is massive, so there is no excuse for only 300. There should be nearer a thousand every week without fail. I have not missed one yet and  don't want a medal. I want all you other drips to stop coming up with all these crap excuses. You go out on the piss and roll in two hours late, thats ok. You go to the dentist, thats ok. You go to a protest to protect your job and your future earnings and your not interested? Think you cant find work now? What do you think it iwll be like next year if they get their way? Get a f****** grip, grow some b******* and get your arse to a protest. NO MORE EXCUSES

Monday 26th 6am - Lyndsey & Conoco Oil Refinery

Wednesday 28th 6:30am - London Kings Cross, Platforms 10&11

Wednesday 28th 6:30am - 2014 Commonwealth Games Project, The Velodrome , Glasgow



  1. Colleagues

    Thank you to all who attended the meeting in Glasgow yesterday - an excellent turnout of around 160 members.

    The timeline of demos meetings and events over the next few weeks are as follows;

    Wed 28th September - Glasgow Velodrome - Springfield Road, Parkhead, Glasgow - 06.30am

    Sat 1st October - People 1st March and Rally - Glasgow Green to Kelvingrove Park - Assemble 11.30am at Glasgow Green

    Wed 5th Oct - Cambuslang Fire Training Centre Project - Clydemill Industrial Estate Cambuslang - 06.30am

    Sat 8th Oct - Construction Meeting - Time and Venue to be confirmed

    Wed 12th Oct - Govan Shipyard - Govan Road, Glasgow - 07.00am - Assemble at the middle Gate.

    As requested at the meeting by a member - copy attached of draft letter that can be sent to your local Councillor/MP/MSP

    In Solidarity


  2. Although MJN colston are not pulling out of the jib they have just put 7 sparks on notice of redundantcy.they have been told there is no future works for card labour.Mjn have a number of jobs in london that they have subbed out.The sparks that wil be left for now are mostly supervision.

  3. Good luck for Wednesday and beyond.