Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The "eight" Have Sent Them Out..........

Over the last couple days, employees of the "eight" have been receiving their new contracts and the 90 days consultation period has begun. I got mine on Saturday and will be posting it on here soon. I just have to go through it properly first with a copy of the JIB book next to me. That way I can work out EXACTLY what we are going to lose. Hopefully I should be able to get this done at the weekend.

There are three protests planned for tomorrow(Wed 7th) morning and they all start at 6:30am

London - The Shard, London Bridge

Newcastle - RVI Hospital

Manchester - Town Hall, Peace Gardens

We have now made it up to three simultaneous protests. Hopefully we can make it four next week and five the week after. If you are interested in assisting with a protest in your area you can contact me confidentially on here, on facebook or jibelectrican2011@gmail.com.

We need to make sure that this gets bigger and bigger every week. Get sparks reading this. Add people to the facebook group and to my profile. Spread the word. United We Stand, divided we fall

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