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Latest Unite Construction Rank And File Newsletter........

The "Unite Construction Rank And File Group" are the group headed by the committee that was elected at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London on the 13th August 2011. Working together with the Site Worker magazine. To receive these weekly news updates directly to your email follow the LINK and join the group.

Let’s answer the TUC’s call last week for "Civil Disobedience" against the cuts.

8th December is the day sparks could be working for £10.50p an hour. BBES have said to 890 of their workers sign the new contract by 7th December if you don’t you are down the road.

This is serious stuff they mean business that’s for sure, Unite needs to be organising a ballot of all BBES workers right now. Anyone not in the union should join online ASAP, as only members of Unite will receive a ballot paper.
A national strike is the answer, which can start after all 8 companies have been balloted. It’s no good having a meeting in December and then starting a ballot in January, the Xmas tree will be down, thousands will be on the dole and the rest of us working for £10,50 an hour or less if on an agency. Wake up Mr Bernard McAulay, get your arse into gear for crying out loud’!
Our protests and demo’s are building the union, spreading the word and laying the ground for a yes vote. Tonight [Monday] 60 sparks attended a branch meeting in Grimsby and decided to demonstrate at Lindsey Oil refinery next Monday. Last Friday night 70 sparks and fitters turned up for their meeting which was electric. The meeting decided to demonstrate this Wednesday at the Tyne Tunnel and also collected £210 for ‘site worker’.
Wednesday 21st September we will see the first ‘official’ Unite called protest which we are building for. It will mark 5th protest in London and the 12th around the country.
Unite have arrived at the party very late, the rank and file have led the way for our efforts we’ve been called scandalous names by Bernard McAuley shame on you pal, concentrate your energies on the real enemy................ that is the big 8, and get us that ballot.  
These protests will carry on every week for as long as necessary but we also need walkouts on some large sites. Solidarity action across the country will undoubtedly bring this dispute to a head its needs to happen this week.
No more hanging around other trades and offshore workers should be encouraged to support.  
Unite along with the other public sector unions are being balloted for a mass day of strike action on 30th November and fair play to them. So that’s a good date where thousands of sparks and fitters can join them on a national strike.
We should take this opportunity not just to defend the JIB agreement needs complete but to completely overhaul it. Why all the different rates for Scottish sparks, London sparks, and those outside M25 one rate for all £25 an hour any talks must involve elected workers from all regions and any deal put to a ballot this is our chance to get a good deal in place and why not do the same for NAEICI and WRA they are a pile of poo as well.
Keep on inundating Bernard McAulay with demanding a date for the ballot.
Words are fine but Unite needs to be put under pressure to negotiate a proper deal for us. A ballot for strike action of all electricians, pipe-fitters and other trades would make that more likely. NO waiting until December Mr McAuley.
We must continue to force the issue and spread these actions across the country............ Blockades, occupations, traffic jams and stuff until an agreement has been reached.
Rank and File protests planned so far……
London: 21st September 6.30am-8.30am Farringdon Station, Crown House site. Our 5th London demo Unites first official one
Manchester: Wednesday 21st September 6.30am Manchester town hall & Baileys site BBC Media City at 10am.
Newcastle: Wednesday 21st September: Meet at 6.30 am outside the Duke of Wellington also known as Sambucas then over to the Tyne Tunnel site to lobby the lads.
Edinburgh: Thursday 22nd September. 9.00am outside City Chambers. The City Councillors   will meet to confirm that Balfour Beatty has won the contract to build the new Portobello High School. Let’s teach them a lesson!
Glasgow: Wednesday 28th September 7.00am New Veladrome
Rank and File meetings...........
Glasgow: Saturday 24th September 10.00am: John Smith House
Newcastle: Monday 26th September 7pm Newcastle Labour club
Liverpool: Thursday 29th September 7pm-9pm Friends meeting House, 22 School Lane LI 3BT

Manchester: Saturday October 1st 12.00- 3pm Mechanics Institute 103 Princess Street M6 DD

Stop Press...............................................And finally [for now] some good news:
1] Last week rank and file committee member Steve Acheson was elected on to the North West JIB. We need to look at getting other activists onto RISC, sector committees, to have a powerful voice for rank and file workers. 
2] Unite have now agreed to revisit all the blacklisting cases on a misuse of data protection claims basis.
3] Steve kelly Unite Branch Secretary of london construction has been told he has a claim at European Court of human rights against the blacklist which may see him sue the Government for allowing it to happen.
 Email us with ideas and let us know if you have actions planned

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