Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Unite Construction Rank And File Newsletter........

The "Unite Construction Rank And File Group" are the group headed by the committee that was elected at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London on the 13th August 2011. Working together with the Site Worker magazine. To receive these weekly news updates directly to your email follow the LINK and join the group.

Taking the fight to the bosses,
spreading the action and setting the pace.
The jib dispute between the 8 employers who have given notice to withdraw from the national agreement and the rank and file grass roots sparks is growing fast. Here are the details of this week demo’s on Wednesday 7th September. [Please spread the word]

London: The Shard 6.30am
Newcastle: Hospital Crown House 6.30am
Manchester: Manchester Town Hall by Peace Gardens 6:30am

The Shard [London] was chosen even though we are having difficulty identifying electrical contractor, because we know that very few on cards if any, most workers are with one of the 10 or so agencies for mechanical and pipe fitters. This is a deliberate ‘divide and rule’ move. As well as this we’ve heard that some workers have been knocked for their wages! It’s a scandal in this day and age, ‘knock your pipe out’ and don’t get paid, it’s got to stop! All site workers are being turned over by these wretched employers we need to help our brothers who have not got the same clout as us sparks, solidarity across all trades is vital in this dispute.

In the coming weeks we are planning more protests at high profile sites.........................
‘Great Ormond Street’ ‘Farringdon Cross Rail’ & the Olympic site.

Also a ‘Rank & file’ meeting 1st October in Manchester at the Mechanics Institute 12-3pm
All welcome, let’s make it a big one, put the wind up the 8 rogue employers!

This may well be a slow drawn out battle ‘Unite the union’ can’t hide forever and will be forced to take action, organising a ballot of all their members would be a great start the time for Mr nice guy is long gone!
Many thanks for all your support so far spread the word get involved...............

·         If you are not already a member, then join Unite today.
·         Elect shop stewards.
·         Down tools and join the fight.

Feel free to email us with your suggestions for future actions at siteworker@virginmedia.com

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