Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Unite Come Out To Play.......

5th August - Unites campaign page goes live for us all to see. Included on the page is a copy of the new Rules that the company want to call their Agreement (link to new rules pdf document). It makes for fascinating reading. A few points that I have pulled out myself:
  • Morning (paid) and afternoon (unpaid) breaks are to be combined for the one break a day strategy
  • Overtime rates for Saturdays are time and a half, paid at the companies discretion (no overtime rates)
  • Overtime rates for Sundays are double time, paid at the companies discretion (no overtime rates)
  • Shop can be moved to any site in the country, at the companies discretion, called local engagement (no travel pay)
  • No more Approved Electrician Rate, all Electrical and Mechanical under the Grade C Building Services Engineering Craftsman
  • New Grades translated - Grade A : Foreman/Supervisor, Grade B : Supervisor/Chargehand, Grade C : Approved Electrician, Electrician, Plumber, Fitter, Grade D : SMA, part skilled worker, Grade E : Labourer.
  • The new grades are not set in stone as they are now. If you gain a qualification now, then the company HAS to pay you the relevant pay grade that corresponds ie 2391 - Approved Electrician. Under the new system it is at the companies discretion as to which grade they place you under. AND they can move you up and down as they like
  • Payment of wages are to be moved to either two weekly, four weekly or monthly, at the companies discretion
  • Removal of the JIBPMES 40p mileage allowance and the 20p HVAC mileage allowance
  • Ability to claim unfair dismissal from day one under the JIB will go. 
  • JIB National Working Rule 17 would not apply, so they could bully small to medium sized contractors to comply with their contractual terms, and flood jobs with labour from agencies rather than on the books, with no fear of retribution.
  • No strike clause
There are many other bits and pieces in there but I haven taken full notes on it yet

On Unites Campaign page you will find loads of information, leaflets, stickers and poster for site as well as the mentioned new proposed Rules

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