Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Its all ok though isnt it????

1st - 5th July  - With Questions mounting up from the workforce the companies have no choice but to release a questions and answers sheet to try and reassure them that all is ok. Which I have managed to get a copy of, thanks to a fellow Electrician.


But what really does it answer?
Q1 - Yes we know that. March 2012 is the magic date
Q2 - We want to hire, low skilled, low paid operatives to construct and install containment on site
Q3 - We have heard it on good authority that once the new agreement is in place, Electrical apprenticeships will no longer be on offer. The young people of today will be training to become a Building Services Engineer (Mechanical and Electrical combined)
Q4 - We want to leave the National agreements as we do not currently have full control over what happens. With the new Rules, we will be fully in charge to do what we like.
Q5 - If you do not sign the new agreement your contract we will bully you until you do so
Q6 - A couple of meetings have taken place BUT due to Unite being so disgusted with the new Rules, the Unite delegation withdrew from the discussions.
Q7 -Obviously it wont affect the way each of those agreements grade you. Its how people are graded in your Rules list that your workforce wanted to know about
Q8 - Confirmation that all apprentices will be under the new Building Services Apprenticeship
Q9 - "It is not envisaged that there will be any detrimental affect on average earnings" Are they really going to raise the hourly rate of all of the Mechanical in one move? Or is it more likely that the Mechanical rates will rise slightly and the Electrical rates will lower slightly and will meet in the middle? Great say the Mechanical boys, no wait, we are taking away your travel time.
Q10 - "aid a recovery in the industry" Balfour Beatty had profits of over £300 million last year and started 2011 with their biggest EVER order book. Recovery or Greedy?      No redundancies? So if there are going to be semi skilled workers installing the containment on the sites. That is 60% less work for Electricians. The math just not add up. 60% less work, same amount of Electricians. Nope, still doesn't go. Redundancies are most certainly going to be happening
Q11 - We know all of what we are planning but we are not going to tell you until its too late for you to do anything about it
Q12 - Balfour Beatty, N G Bailey, Crown House, Gratte, MJN, Matthew Hall, Shepherd, Tommy Clarke.

Did that enlighten us much? No, didnt think so

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