Thursday, 25 August 2011

Moving On To Westfield..........

There has been a piece here and a piece there on the internet about Blackfriars on Wednesday. The best one I have found was clients are getting concerned about these protests and if they escalate to such a scale that there are simultaneous large scale protest at sites up and down the country they could start putting pressure on the Big 8. If the clients end up turning round to C.House - T2, Baileys - Crossrail and voicing their uneasiness about the situation then they will be getting pressure from both sides. The workers and the clients. The two vital parts to the companies

If we can get enough people there this Wednesday outside Westfield, (T. Clarkes) then this will make national news. Olympic Site, Less Than One Year To Go, Sparks Protesting, the press would love it. With the National coverage the uptake for marches and protests in the very near future will increase ten fold as everyone will see that they are not alone. There are thousands of us up and down the country who are fed up and pissed off with the blatant squeezing of our wallets whilst the companies continue to make millions in profits, due to our hard work.
Tommy Clarkes have told their lads at the Westfield job that they should stay calm and not listen to the rabble outside. They are, apparently, going to give them more information about whats happening around mid September. Coincidentally, that is just after the Westfield job is meant to be complete. There are approximately 100 carded Clarkes sparks on that job with no new jobs starting up till December at the earliest. In the managements eyes, there is no way the need for 100 sparks when the job is complete. So the inevitable thing, that has been happening to the poor carded labour of Clarkes for the last few years. MORE mass redundancies. They are trying to get the job finished first so that they do not lose face with Mr Westfield.

Any Clarkes lads reading this, spread the word. Come to the protest. You all know each other, all come out together. Meet us out front at 6:30 next Wednesday. From what I hear you lot are the only ones left for Clarkes in London. If you was to all come to the protest en masse then Clarkes cannot sack you. That is a fact. They still need you. You need to talk amongst yourselves and get organised. The old boy or the soft twat that wants to keep his head down, give them a kick up the arse. All as one and you cant be touched. Together we stand, divided we fall.

A couple more picture from Blackfriars,Balfour Beatty, Wednesday 24th



  1. Where is the meeting point its a big place Westfields, let me know and I will spread the word we must make a stand.



  2. At the site entrance hopefully. There will be quite a few people attending, plus a few banners so look for the crowd.


    JIB E