Wednesday, 6 June 2012

New Unite Construction Campaign

"Play By The Rules"

Last week Unite launched a campaign to ensure that companies who are part of the National Agreements are playing by the rules.

The companies are quick enough to raise points and keep us to the book, its time that we keep them to the book too. I have been on many jobs where things that are in black and white are blatantly ignored.

Although Unites campaign is aimed more at the people who are lucky enough to be directly employed (overtime, travel) by one of the companies, there is something that the rest of us can do.

The biggest rule that these companies always fall short on is the use of AGENCY LABOUR on site.

Do AGENCY workers outnumber directly employed workers on your site?

Are there agency workers on site from the start of the job? Instead of the push at the end of the job as stated in the book?

OR any other abuse/misuse of AGENCY LABOUR on site.

If you are getting grief, bullied,abused on site for being agency labour then get in touch

Unite have supplied an email address to send through any wrong doings but if you wish to remain 100% anonymous then please email us on

"Unite has launched a national campaign to ensure the all workers employed under the construction agreements enjoy their full terms and conditions.

The union has been made aware that many employers who are signed up to these agreements are not playing by the rules. They are cherry picking the rules that suit them and ignoring the ones that don't.

Unite is determined to make all employers conform to the rules.
If you answer no to any of these questions Unite wants to hear from you. We can only challenge employers where we have the evidence.
  • Are you getting the correct rate for the job?*  
  • Are you receiving the correct travel allowances?* 
  • Are you getting the correct overtime rates?*
  • Do agency workers outnumber directly employed workers on your site?

To find out what rates you should be earning click here to find your industry agreement
Contact your shop steward or email us in confidence: or contact us here."

Here are the Two posters that have been produced by Unite for the Campaign

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