Monday, 11 June 2012

Latest Rank & File Update

Another victory for the Rank and File

Ratcliffe safety rep reinstated after walkout

Following a protest and walkout at Ratcliffe power station last Tuesday the safety rep on site was reinstated on Monday. This shows the power of the Rank and File and solidarity shown by the lads on site - as it happens over 600 walked out. We salute you all at Ratcliffe! It shows direct action is essential.

We can't stand back and wait for disciplinary hearings and Unite meetings...

- all that does is prevent the Rank and File from moving forward. Unions will always play by the rules and rarely break the law... we can so let's keep it up! It's the only way to make these bosses learn. ALL POWER TO THE RANK AND FILE. Solidarity and our joint struggles will get us through - an injury to one is an injury to all!

'Play by the Rules'

Unite have started a campaign called 'Play by the Rules', an initiative that is long overdue. It involves companies paying the correct rates - abiding by JIB Rule 17 which as we all know they totally ignore at will. Unite have leaflets printed and forms to fill in gathering data on firms that break the rules. These are to be sent back to Bernard 'Moving Forward' MacAulay.

Remember Bernard's stance on BESNA (let's wait until January)? It may well be time for the
Rank and File to lead the way as we always do, and hit them where it hurts... Cos as we know a walkout always pays off. Please do fill in the form but remember that action speaks louder than words! The leaflets can be obtained from regional offices, if you are having problems getting hold of them then let us know.

Upcoming protests

There's a protest at the Shard London Bridge again this Wednesday from 645am. A protest is being planned at Fawley Refinery in the South East. All sorts is going on down there, the firm on site is up to no good subbing work out to everyone and anyone. Contact Malcolm Bonnet for more details on 01293 613795.

PS - SHORT NOTICE - please note that tomorrow morning (Monday 11th June) there is a lobby of the Construction Industry Joint Council wage negotiations, from 10am at 31 Worship St, EC2A 2DY, nearest tube Moorgate.

Then at 1230pm people will be meeting at Purfleet Station in Essex to protest against the closure of Coryton Oil Refinery. Their struggle is our struggle!

One year on... Next National Meeting

A National Rank and File meeting is set for 11th August in Conway Hall, near Holborn tube in London from 2-5pm. We will be one year on from the founding of the Unite Construction Workers' Rank and File movement. What a year! And we'll say it again... a massive congratulations to you one and all, you are all working class heroes and have all played your part.

We need to carry on with our great movement and plan for the coming period. There will be many battles ahead, but as the past year has shown if we are united and determined we can succeed. Solidarity! Remember to contact us with details of any events, meetings etc coming up in different areas at

Until next week keep on keeping on!

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