Tuesday, 22 May 2012

We are still here, Report of the last few weeks

It may have gone quiet on here but out on the streets the fight is still going on.

This Saturday there is a National Rank & File Meeting in Liverpool.

National RnF Meeting
Saturday 26th May 
Casa Club, 29 Hope St. , L1 9BQ
Nearest Station - Liverpool Lime Street

As of May 1st 2012, Clown House Technologies had officialy withdrawn from the JIB/SJIB. More details will become available soon.

The boys up in Scotland have been doing very well. Full Scottish RnF Update below.

Every Wednesday for the last two months M&E workers have been protesting outside The Shard, London, against the lack of direct employment on the site. The main contractor Mace has been turning a blond eye to this outrageous use of agency labour.

Since our last post, a combine committee has been formed to enter negotiations with the ECA/SELECT over the future of the JIB. The UK is split up into seven regions and for the make up of the committee, there has been one RnF and one Shop Steward from each region.

They met with the ECA/SELECT for the first time last month (April). The ECA refused to enter negotiations because they disagreed with one of the members of the negotiating team.

Union-News Report

Unite The Union Report

The two parties are due to meet again at the end of May.

The Latest from the Unite Scottish Rank & File
In today's news:

Besna campaign highlights
Southern General Update
Redundancies at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Crown House
Contract watch
National Rank and File
EPIU Branch
Besna Highlights

A reminder of what the besna campaign was all about, we will be showing some highlights of the campaign.
Follow this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpRKhwGRIsY

Southern General Update

Progress has been made on site with Unite gaining recognition after meetings with Brookfield and Mercury. We have to organise on site now. If anyone is working on the site or if you know someone who is working on the site, could you please let us know.
See attached letter from Scott Foley.

Redundancies at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

There is currently a redundancy situation with NG Bailey at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary amid fears of Besna backlash. Pay offs when agency guys are still on site are not on. Scott Foley has asked to meet NG Bailey over redundancy process, consultation, agency workers and selection matrix.


Ian Davidson MP is hoping to raise the question of blacklisting at the Scottish committee next week. If anyone has any information that could help him, could you cantact Scott Foley on 0845 345 0145 or 07810 157915. Please feel free to distribute this request.

Crown House

You may have already heard that Crown House has left the JIB/SJIB. Crown House is a legitimate target for rank and file action. We believe that they currently have one contract in Scotland at Shotts Prison and have some more in the pipeline and we are trying to find out who the clents are. If anyone has other or more information on this, could you please let us know.

Contract Watch

Three contracts in Glasgow that we are keeping a close eye on to ensure national agreements are being adhered to are:
Commonwealth Games sites
Buchannan Galleries
New Concert Hall at SECC
We need to know details of other sites throughout the country.


The next Combine meeting to discuss the future of the industry will be on Wednesday 23 May in London. A report of that meeting will be provided

National Rank and File

A national rank and file meeting will be held on Saturday 26 May at the CASA Club, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BQ, 12pm - 4pm.
All welcome.

EPIU Branch

The next EPIU Branch meeting will be held on Saturday 26 May in John Smith House, Glasgow at 10am. All M&E Construction workers are welcome. Scott Foley will be in attendance.

As you can see there is a lot going on.The Rank and File are here for the long term. We have asked to meet the Regional Secretary to discuss further support for the Rank and File which will determine our future strategy to achieve our aims:
An end to the parasitical Employment Agency
Adherence to National Agreements
Skilled jobs for skilled workers
Meaningful apprenticeships
An end to Blacklisting
There is still a lot of work to do in order to make our aims a reality, but with your help, we can achieve it. Let us build on the success of the BESNA campaign and take that strength of purpose to the next level and clean up our industry.

Together we can.

Unite Scottish Rank and File

Finally, I would like to put out a missing person appeal.
Has anyone seen Blane Judd?
Since the collapse of BESNA he seems to have totally disappeared.
If you have any info please let us know, we are concerned for his well being

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