Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Latest Unite M&E Press Release

Following today's meeting Unite have released the following Press Release

Unite launches compliance campaign in mechanical and electrical contracting sector

23 May 2012
Unite has launched a national campaign ‘Play by the rules’ today (Wednesday 23 May) to police the key agreements on every site in the UK at its national meeting of key union representatives from the industry................

The union has learnt that employers are increasingly cherry picking the parts of the agreements that suit them while ignoring the rules that don’t, resulting in workers not receiving the correct rates of pay and other terms and conditions as well as the widespread use of agency labour.

Bernard McAulay, Unite national officer, said: “Unite will no longer stand by and accept some employers ignoring the rules that protect our members. In particular, we will challenge employers who are not complying with the rules around agency labour.

“The agreements state quite clearly that employers should make every effort to offer jobs on a directly employed basis and it is unacceptable that employers are flouting this and bringing insecurity and casualisation to the industry.”

The launch of the campaign follows a disagreement during pay talks with
the ECA and SELECT who are stalling on entering into negotiations on the JIB/SJIB.
Both the ECA and SELECT are refusing to meet with the democratically elected Unite negotiating team.

Unite is giving notice to all the major employers in the mechanical and electrical sector that it intends to use the full procedures of all the agreements to enforce compliance.

Unite The Union Press Release

SJIB/JIB Play by the rules campaign

Unite has launched a national campaign to ensure the all workers employed under the SJIB/JIB agreements enjoy their full terms and conditions.

The union has been made aware that many employers who are signed up to these agreements are not playing by the rules. They are cherry picking the rules that suit them and ignoring the ones that don't.

Unite is determined to make all employers conform to the rules.
If you answer no to any of these questions Unite wants to hear from you. We can only challenge employers where we have the evidence.
  • Are you getting the correct rate for the job?*  
  • Are you receiving the correct travel allowances?* 
  • Are you getting the correct overtime rates?*
  • Do agency workers outnumber directly employed workers on your site?

* To find out what you should be getting contact either your shop steward or union officer click here
Contact your shop steward or email us in confidence: or contact us here
IF you are aware of any companies belonging to the National Agreements who are not playing by the rules then please contact your local office of Unite The Union. If you wish to remain totally anonymous then you are welcome to email us at    
with the full details and we can pass them on to the relevant parties

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