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NG Baileys Week and The Scottish Assault

This week saw Rank & File action on NG Bailey sites across the whole of the country. In Scotland they took it a step further than the rest with FIVE protests/demos in one week. And the North East also had two at once.

The Scottish Rank & File took NG Bailey week to a totally new level, by organising FIVE protests in one week. The full account of the Scottish Assault has been provided by the Scottish RnF

Monday 23rd Jan : New Morrisons superstore, Gallowgate, Glasgow.
The Scottish RnF mounted a protest outside the new gleaming store and were supported by the No Good Bailey electricians when they walked off site and joined them! The store's manager was infuriated with the RnF action was trying to goad the members into an open air argument/fight, but cool heads were the order of the day and he was sent off with his tail between his rats legs!!!
Next, there was a second wave to the proceedings and the RnF along with the boys from the job headed over to Baileys HQ in Lanarkshire at Strathclyde Business Park, to protest at their front doors! Obviously, the management didn't take kindly to the men and blocked access for anyone wishing to speak to them, this had the effect of actually blocking way for their delivery of lunch, which caused a great amount of delight to the protesters!!! The first success in a week long campaign!

Tuesday 24th Jan : New Goretex Factory, Livingston, West Calder.
Again, the Scottish RnF mounted a protest, this time in the car park of the main contractors compound, next to the job and in full view of the client (McAlpine). We were shouted at and harried by the main contractor's management but we stood our ground and again they had no option but to turn tail and cower in their offices!!! Shortly after, plod was called into attendance by the management but as has been the case in all Scottish protests, the Scottish police were exemplary in carrying out their duties and allowed our peaceful protest to carry on for as long as we liked, much to the general dismay of the management!
Once again, the NGBailey boys were solid in their backing of the RnF and joined us in protest for a couple of hours before deciding on solidarity action and walking off the job completely, to which they received a loud cheer and round of applause as each of them drove home!!! They were also told by our speaker, that if any of the Bailey management threatened or bullied them afterwards, that we would return in greater numbers and wreak havoc on No Goods!!!

Wednesday 25th Jan : Conference Hall, Edinburgh City Centre:
This was a relatively new project and as such, only had 6 NGBailey electricians on the job. The Scottish RnF were again in attendance to give Baileys a bloody nose. This time, however, only a few of the Bailey sparks removed themselves from site. It didn't matter however, because the desired effect was achieved and the client took notice, with the usual presence from the boys in blue also!

Friday 26th Jan : Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Project.
This was the greatest success of the lot as ALL NG Baileys electricians/pipefitters and plumbers walked off the site in disgust at the proposed BES(NA) imposition on them! The management were infuriated and came out to order them back onto site, the men laughed and ignored the wretch! This time however and at last, the protest, or at least the end of the protest after the men had went back to their digs and left the RnF to rub salt into the managements wounds, was filmed for STV Aberdeen News!

Saturday 27th Jan: Glasgow
Over 100 RnF members met at John Smith House, West Regent St. Glasgow to discuss the on going NG Bailey week campaign thus far. There was a resounding vote for action to again take place at Morrissons Superstore at the Gallowgate because we believed that the management/client were getting pissed off at our antics and so off we headed! We left the union HQ and headed along Sauchiehall St. with chants of "No Good Baileys...No Good BES(NA)!" and "John Moore makes you poor!!!", we then went through Queens Street Station and onto George Square, all the time drawing attention to ourselves getting our message out to the public at large, Argyle St. was next and on up to the Gallowgate for our finale at the new shiny Morrissons Superstore, where we handed out purpose made flyers highlighting that they were employing NG Baileys, a well known blacklister and one of the BES(NA) Bullies!!! Some of the RnF filtered through the car park and placed a flyer on every car windscreen! Once more, the management, irate at our protest came out to move us on but again and credit, where credits due, the police again allowed us to continue our peaceful protest! The general public were sympathetic and supportive. Over all, the weeks campaigning was a resounding success and gave us all confidence a new found energy to continue the attack on our industry!

In London we met outside the NG Baileys site at Kings Cross Station. The numbers are building again now that the Christmas break is out of the way.  This week also saw the return of the sound system with some early morning drum and bass. The main entrance was blocked and the MET police had to force the entrance clear again.
Each week is getting bigger and it looks like we will be back to pre-Christmas numbers with this weeks FULL PICKET at Blackfriars Station.
With the Balfour Beatty ballot result to be announced on Thursday 2nd Feb, we are going to Blackfrairs o give Balfour Beatty a taste of whats to come when the official action starts.
So there will be a FULL PICKET in operation starting at 7am for the day shift and another at 7pm for the night shift.

In Wales they split into two groups. One went to Llandough Hospital, Spie Matthew Hall and the other went to he NG Baileys office in Coryton.
The Llandough Hospital had the same effect as every visit they have made there with all of the Spie M&E workers walking off site to join the protest with minimal police presence. At Coryton there was a similar number, the NG Baileys management were evidently fuming at the demo outside. The police arrived and let them get on with the peaceful protest which made Baileys even more angry.

In Manchester they went back to the Town Hall site where NG Baileys are currently working.

North West RnF
 "Manchester electricians fighting the new Besna contracts over pay cuts and deskilling, are appealing for a huge turnout on Wednesday 1st February from 7am at the town hall / central library site. Main contractors NG Baileys and Laing O’Rourke are now manning-up the site, and the city council which is the client will meet on the same day.

Baileys sites across Britain will see protests on the same day, as the Rank & File hold a week of action against this company. Baileys is very pro-Besna and played an instrumental role in blacklisting construction workers for their trade union membership and activities.

Laing O’Rourke is another blacklister. Why are the Labour council still paying these proven victimisers of workers to carry out public work? Why should council tax payers in the city be paying for Mancunians in the construction trades to be victimised?

Manchester sparks asked the councillors these questions before Christmas. An “investigation” was promised but unsurprisingly nothing appears to have been done. The city council is holding a full meeting from 10am on the 1st and sparks will be demanding answers at this.

All electricians, construction workers, trade unionists and supporters should be there on the 1st. The site protest starts 7am at the Peter Street site entrance opposite the Midland Hotel, and will move to the town hall later to see the councillors, and then go into the meeting around 10am. Whether you can attend for all or just part of the protest, ensure you’re there to show your support and make your voice heard!"

In the North East there was a protest at OGN, Wallsend, Newcastle and also SSI, Redcar on Friday morning.

At the OGN site, ALL of the Spie M&E workers walked off job and joined the protest. There were huge tailbacks as cars were stopped and turned away.

At the SSI site there was another massive turnout with traffic backing right up in to town. Police were present but no trouble occurred.

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