Saturday 25 September 2021

Unite takes on the union-busters

Unite has vowed to tackle and stamp out attempts by contractor NG Bailey to union bust on the Mensa project at the Aldermaston Weapons establishment, in Berkshire.
Problems began on the project late last Friday when five workers, including four members of Unite, one of whom was a health and safety representative, were informed that they had to leave the site immediately. No reason for this removal has been provided. There then followed a walkout of the workforce on Monday  in support of the affected workers.

Following the intervention of Unite, the five affected workers were transferred to other projects. NG Bailey, however, has refused to provide the reasons for the removal of the workers and has blamed the principal contractor Costain and the client AWE for that decision. There remains a great deal of unrest among the Unite membership on the project.

In order to ensure that such similar problems are avoided in the future, Unite is demanding:

an agreement on a procedure for dealing with similar situations where workers are made aware of the charges against them and can answer theman apology from the project team to the five affected workers, a proper investigation and re-instatement onto the projecta guarantee that removal of security passes on this project does not prevent future employment through blacklisting by the client or contractorfull compensation for the loss of earnings of those taking part in action to defend their work colleagues

Both NG Bailey and Costain are proven blacklisters.

Unite regional officer Malcolm Bonnett said:“Unite is committed to stamping out this clear attempt at union busting on the AWE project. Enormous credit must be given to the workforce for standing up for their fellow workers, which has forced the employer to ensure that the affected workers were given alternative employment.

“It is simply unjust that workers have been removed from the project without warning or a reason given, this must not be allowed to ever re-occur. If NG Bailey do not agree to Unite’s demands then there is set to be further discontent on the project and a collapse in morale, which will affect productivity.”

Article from Union News

By Tim Lezard

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