Wednesday 3 March 2021

Rank & File Sparks Target NG Baileys and Balfour Beatty

Rank & File Sparks Target NG Baileys and Balfour Beatty Across the UK

The Construction Rank & File campaign against deskilling has ramped up this morning targeting NG Baileys and Balfour Beatty. 

Several NG Baileys office were targeted including Cardiff and Manchester, London and a site in Central London was occupied. There was also action against Balfour Beatty at Grangemouth Refinery in Scotland.  

A Rank and File Spark outside the Manchester NG Baileys office said

"We the Construction Rank & File are today issuing NG Baileys and Balfour Beatty a final warning. Stop this deskilling agenda of the electrical industry and follow the example set by your client EDF. All your sites across the UK are mapped out for direct action starting with your major projects. 

You have until Monday 8th March to issue a  statement resolving the matter 


Weekly actions across the country are imminent and we will be soon descending onto Hinkley Point to shut the site down.

These are OUR jobs under threat, and we will fight for OUR trade.

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